Friday, April 22, 2011

I miss you Easter Bunny !

Oh it used to be so very sweet
the bunny tracks along the floor
up the wall and out the door,
The excitement of the bunny hunt
out in the garden and up the tree
Easter eggs for lunch and tea !
The early morning wake up call,
the pounding feet along the hall.
The fights about who found what
and look how many eggs he got !
The ones that melted in the heat
or those squashed by errant feet.
The easter hat parades you won
made by me those hats were fun.
Now my Easters  pass so quietly
No bunny comes to visit me,
My babes are all grown to men
But oh boys i remember when
Somebunny loves you forget it never
at Christmas,at  Easter, always ,ever !

Jullie Dodds 2011


nbeltane said...

beautiful jules..

Junk-it Junction... said...

You are so right!! Very clever Jules...Its just not the same anymore, I miss those days too.

vivian said...

I LOVE the poem Jules! you are very talented! I refuse to give up the bunny.. absolutely refuse!
I'm making my grown kids look for easter eggs in the yard on sunday. oh yes I am!
hope you have a happy easter

ladychiara said...

Jules that was just beautiful. You are so talented. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend just the same. :)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Beautiful!! I miss those days too!! Hope you are doing well!! Happy Easter!

Cheryl said...

Well.... there is always grandkids :-)

onargyll said...

A beautiful poem from a beautiful lady. Our memories so precious we hold them so dear. So wonderful to see them fly, so sad to see them fly xxx