Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thinking of you

Five years since you said my name and yet i love you just the same.
Sometimes suddenly i sing one of your songs and i know you are somehow here.
I still think of you every time i see an ambulance and everytime someone says cancer.
Everytime i look at the jewellery you made me and everytime one of my boys is almost as stubborn as you (or i dad as you passed it on) and dear God i wish you were here sometimes
to fix stuff like you always did,I miss your glue and your capable hands.And on the first day of spring when you went away thats when i think of you most when the snowdrops and forget me nots are in bloom.Forever you are in in my heart but you already know that,
your loving Daughter

Lovely News

My second eldest son Timothy and his beautiful bride to be Megan got engaged a few months ago and the wedding is in two weeks.Its my first time being mother of the groom.I am very lucky the two partners two of my sons have are just the most wonderful girls (women) Suzie and Megan I am blessed and i mean that to have you both in my life.The pic above i did for them and they had it on their engagement invitations its the two of them around age 3 i merged the pics together and they just loved it.I wish them all the best and it suddenly hit me Im going to be a mother in law yikes.Im determined to be the sweet kind not the evil meddling kind.

Hi Honey Im home

Well i think its been long enough. I have had my wallow i have shed my tears ( although im sure there shall be plenty more) Misery is so exhausting and just sooo uncreative .So i am going to try looking ahead with a smile. It hasnt been all bad when im miserable besides eating (chocolate gives such solace) i have spent too much money on crafting supplies.Thinking of the budget times ahead when i leave here has had me stocking up my stash so i am ready for the great depression of 2011.I have the paper and i intend to use it.Graphic 45 have some wonderful new papers out and believe me i should know i have em. Lets just say if there was a world wide glitter shortage i could probably still last a decade maybe more.A friend told me of the Book depository in the UK too (thanks Jennie you evil person) They ship books anywhere in the world free can you believe that at great prices too.So there you go i have escaped into a few books lately too just finished ROOM a great read,also reading The Book Thief which i cant put down.Next on the list is the memory keepers daughter.Have also done a few swaps will post some pics next time. Thanks for all your kind words during my pity party .Maybe i should have invited you all i could have made the cutest party favors you know tiny bottles of tears and comfort chocolates in paper cones.
I do so love to decorate.