Friday, August 31, 2012

FIRST day of SPRING remembering dad,

So long my darling dad since i heard you call me love,Since you told me what a nice frock i had on,Too long since i felt your little work worn hands, Hands that had been squashed under cars and in machinery,That had made so many many things and fixed so many many more,Capable hands i will always think them.People say when you lose someone close you will get over it,I doubt it and i wouldn't want to.You just learn to live the hole they left behind i guess, It gets less often that you let yourself feel the emptiness of that hole and the tears flow.I smile now when i hear one of your songs,Its funny that a little man of five feet tall can leave such a gap in the world.I know now that i will miss you forever and thats okay because missing you is still feeling you here.The flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are busy living and in everything you are there,Happy Fathers day tomorrow my darling father,i guess you dont need the socks and slippers in heaven but i sure would love to be buying them,

Monday, August 27, 2012

Winter Blues and Crafting storms

Have had the winter blues getting one virus after another,Still i have been crafting up a veritble storm whilst feeling under the weather.Ideas off Pinterest become things to make,I am never bored and always busy,
My first try at a seedmans purse

Made from one sheet scrapping paper folded no cutting

Addictive i am making more

Here is the latest from my studio corner where there has been the odd Bedalanche or two lately.What is a Bedalanche i hear you ask ,Well my crafting corner is right next to my bed so the crafting overflow from my tiny desk builds when i am working on several projects and spreads down one edge of my bed.Sooner rather than later this mountain of supplies starts to slide and a Bedalanche is the result.This ends in a total clean and organize so its like Home beautiful for a while (say until the next project!) Ah a Crafters life is not easy.The Seedmans purse is a fabulous trick to master and although the first can be tricky after that you can make them blindfolded,Its all in the decorating like most things and the tutorial is here  Have fun.
The tag was for a swap that had to feature a blue moon  and my partner loves Marie so i combined the two,


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random things that make me happy !

My cheeky grand daughter Sophia

Seriously how can you not smile !

I did say RANDOM and it does make me smile !

Have shown her before but i love her!

Alex and yes he is smiling, 19 years old i cannot believe it !

A fire alarm went off in a unit above us just a false alarm but the firemen were cute!

This idea made me happy !

Just love this,

I rarely get flowers so these from my god daughter and familymade me happy !

My new Eiffel tower bottle $6 bargain from the reject shop.

Some days are Diamonds (and yes there will be whining)

 There should be more time of  feeling like this little girl here!

Thank god for friends to see us through !

Yes some days are diamonds but then there are some days that are just plain shit,All you can say is they all only last 24 hours and then at least you get a chance of a new one. Forgive me but i am a woman on a precipice worse i am a mother on the edge,You see living with someone with Aspergers can be a trial at times (for them and for you and im being nice by saying at times cause them times pretty much last ALL the time ),My son has had the flu and god help me i was the one who gave it to him,Of course when i was dying of it he came up with comforting ideas to help me such as waking me up when i had finally got to sleep and saying"  how about you pop up (at midnight) and make us both a hot chocolate it will make you feel better, "Hmm it would of made one if us feel better but I'm sure as hell it wasn't me hehe  In case you are wondering i did decline that particular offer,I also still managed while dying of the flu which is a horrible one by the way to make us food and clean and wash but hey i am a mother its what we do ,right !
Well the past week or so while he has been sick has been worse than me being sick that's all i am saying and perhaps UGH !!
Of course i have sought solace in craft as i do so here are some projects i have been busy on,
For swapbot swap We will always have Paris Tag
I was in a bookmark swap for a craft group on facebook and my partner wanted a looking at one not a useable one so i was allowed to have bumpy embellishments rather than just flat
.The door nob is made of laser cut wood.

Folder for the bookmark i made it with a magnetic closure
Opening door ATC for swapbot it looked rather magical.
door open.

Made this for my neighbour crystal whose cockatoo "Cookies flew away"

These were his feathers so overlayed them onto his photo as well as hanging the larger ones on a frame.
In the corner is his favourite toy a tiny button,She may be sad but i think he is living the life of riley now with all his cockatoo mates in Penrith,