Friday, March 27, 2009

For my mother!~Who also never stops at all !~

Something beginning with B

I spy my little eye,Is it my imagination or has my world been filled with B's lately,and i dont mean bees as in those lovely honey making spring thinking kinda Bs ,it may well be springs arrival for a lot of you bloggers but for us poor Aussies here Autumn is telling us that winter is around the bend.No the b's im referring to are Breasts and bangs and bargains and birdies.
First the Breasts cause they are the worst ,my poor mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer she is having an operation on the 8th and then radiotherapy.It was caught very early so i have no doubt that she will be just fine.My mum is one of the strongest little people i know she may be tiny but she is feisty.Its just horrible she must go through this at all after losing my dad to cancer a few years ago.
The other B was MY boobs which i had squished the other day at the mammogram place.Not fun noo specially when they are the size of mine lol but you have to do what you have to do and its because of the mammogram that my mum was caught early. Soo better sore than sorry so come on all you girls out their and get squished,make a day of it like mum and i did and go shopping.
Which brings me to another B bargains ,i have had my share lately will take some pics and show and tell soon.
Bangs-hmm who was the lady driver who dropped her son off early for an excursion last week and managed to hit a driveway iron pole that she swears wasnt there on her way in.
Hmm the whole door and the side mirror have to be replaced and in front of the year 10s waiting for the excursion- yikes.
The birdies are my favourite images and i have been making things for the vintage ephemera swap on flckr
This one has my fav saying on it (well this weeks favourite)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.
~ Charles M. Schulz

Monday, March 2, 2009


I am I am ,at last i have a daughter ,well a God daughter.
After four sons i am a fairy godmother and Neil is the Godfather to the sweetest baby on earth
and im sure i am not prejudiced,She belongs to my dear friend cecily and her grandmother who passed away two years ago Desley was a long time friend of mine.
I wish that she could have known her grand daughter but i will make sure her grand daughter knows about her gram.She was so good at her Baptism and so was Caleb her brother arent they the sweetest pair!

I am blessed to be a godmother to this Angel.Desley would have been besotted by her.
Maddison Margaret Elizabeth Ellston may God Bless you and your Brother always.
Of course you all know the saying every good girl deserves Cake and Maddy was very good and so she got her cake and my goodness she ate it too.

A collection is born

Who knew i was collecting miniature luggage,i never did,then this little suitcase arrived in a swap.Suddenly that miniature briefcase and the tiny hatbox i have had for years gravitated themselves to it and wahla a collection was born.
And heaven knows i needed another collection (i really did.)

Do fairies ride on blue tongues.?

Do Fairies ride on Blue tongue Lizards
I really really think they do ,look at this baby blue tongue,isnt he just begging for a fairy halter to become a fairy steed.Like a tiny regal dragon and look at the length of that tail.It must have been three of his body lengths,I often talk to my blue tongues and this one who is still a baby was shading himself under the car as i pegged out the washing.
Worried about him having a fight with my cats i made sure they were well away.Emmy has learnt her lesson after a argument she lost once with a big old fellow.And Avalon is such a scaredy cat she was well away.

PWGL Little token of Love swap

Thankyou Becky of
A clever clever gal with the midas touch.Thankyou for my little guy whom i will treasure/Cant believe Becky makes these all herself they just come to life look at those eyes.

Mine to her took an age and then after i sent her a replacement it turned up,dont know where these parcels get too but at least she got it i made her a darling little wreath and inside the box i put the meaning of each flower and wrote her a note on petals.Im so glad it finally arrived.

Vintage Ephemera heart swap

Thankyou to my swap partner Carrie of sweetlife creations blog

I just loved her heart full of special treats
hearts and tags and more hearts A tiny party basket all my oen
with a tiny heart tin full of pink and red buttons.A Victorian cat card and bookmark.
And treat of treats Martha Stewart glitter got moi the glitter queen.Thankyou so much Carrie what an Angel.

My vintage Heart swap

Wow is all i Can say of my clever clever partner Viv of Vivs whimsy fame
check out her blog here
I got her in Dolly of my cherry Heart-Valentine swap
What a true sweetheart she was to make me all these teeny tiny felted friends.
I love love spell that ADORE my tiny bluebird and heart,And ladybugs have a special fondness to me and she made me one with beaded love bug and one with little hanging legs.

There were hearts there was Hersheys and all done up like candy which indeed it was.
Total eye candy thanks Vivian you are the best !
Oh Oh i almost forgot the sweetest sweetest little swag of bead hearts as well and a tin gorgeous one.