Friday, November 27, 2009

Its a Brambly Cottage Christmas

Tinsel, Tantrums and a Tall Tree Trauma

Yes dear reader look at that heading and only the end of November.
The horror my friends of the annual Christmas decorating.The mess that i once again liken to Christmas spew.The boxes the bags the tinsel EVERYWHERE.I so love Christmas and i love to make the house look magic BUT....
I am sometimes wont to complain oh why cant i be normal.You know a normal person with one tree in the corner and cards on the blinds,happy to buy my Christmas cards in the bargain shop and not make them all.My craft room looks like Christmas central ( well it is in this house.) But did i have to pick the hottest days in 30 years to do all this ! Ahh tis true i am my own worst enemy.The tree oh the tree that's where the tantrums and the terrible bit comes in.I bought a tree off ebay factory direct in February (which of course one does) when i couldn't sleep as i had such terrible asthma.Bargain $19 7 feet tall.Its huge its bulky it takes up heaps of space and i have always wanted a huge tree. So why do i hate it,why do i know after Xmas it shall be going to my dear sisters house.I shall stick with my tall thin tree next year,By the time i got it up i had yelled and snapped at everyone including the cats.Still its all done and not even December.Now i can enjoy Christmas UNTIL i have to take it all down !
Every year i put little santa hats on my vintage tin pram full of Kewpies.Im sure its the highlight of a boring year for them ! I adore cupies Kewpies however you spell it i do !

Late Spring Garden

Its been hot but you know what My garden is looking almost decent,
Hubby and i are not gardeners,I dream of a cottage garden with foxgloves and lupins
grannys bonnets and forget me nots,You see i know a lot about flowers but thats because im a dreamer and a writer not because i garden.Still my lavenders are spectacular and i have daisies everywhere and roses too so really i could be happy with them and the hydrangeas around the back.

Collapsa Cats

No one knows how to relax like a cat.Its been extremely hot lately and so we have collapsa cats every where.
I think Avalon was saying does my bum look big in this (garden) umm no Avi but your gut is looking pretty big hehe Emmilou is getting older now she has a tent on my computer desk and that where she hides when the sun is high.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

First ever Halloween party !

Well at my age there aren't that many firsts (i mean maybe if i were to take up bungy jumping or whitewater rafting but folks that aint likley to happen anytime soon ,i dont like my bits and bobs flapping in the breeze lol)
So it was lovely to go to our family's first ever Halloween party at the home of my friend Cecily and Lee parents to our god daughter the light of my life.The highlight of the night was certainly the appearance of said God daughter Maddison dressed as the cutest pumpkin ever.Forgive her if she looks a little disconcerted to wake up to family and friends not looking as they usually do.My witch nose was definitely upsetting as was Captain flylow (my husband and her god father)whose sunglasses and hat perturbed her.
Captain FlyLow who is a Pilot for Wanker Airlines was definitely a hit .The women were all witches as the men testified was really quite normal.Dracula barbecued and little ghouls jumped on the trampoline after downing finger cakes and eyeballs.Talking of eyeballs there were a number of them in the blood punch.
Maddisons brother Caleb assured us he wouldnt throw up after eating then bouncing but can you really trust a ghoul.Alex who was a zombie (isnt every teenage boy) bashed the witches head off in the pinata game.
I loved her pumpkin lanterns that she got for the bargain price of $9 at aldis.
A very Bootiful Halloween all in all.