Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Farewell to Picnik it was good while you lasted !

Ahh Picnik is dead and i will miss it sorely .Not nearly so much as my old photodeluxe program which was an early one and was like my right hand.Iloved that program i loved that you could hold pics in a side panel and that that i could clone and erase and add and collage to my hearts content,Alas its so old ot will not run on my laptop if anyone knows a way Photodeluxe 5 will i would be happy forever (or at least a month).Picnik was who i turned to in my grief at my Photodeluxe loss.It was in fact a poor relation but it was sooo much better than nothing and i grew to love it.Now it is gone.I have Picasa and Picmonkey and others i know but its not the same is isn't  home.I know I know we are a fickle lot and i will eventually learn to love another.

My sweet grand daughter Sophia Rose
While talking of pictures i love my google I phone camera it can even take panorama shots although i need much more practice.The pics from my all of the past years blog posts have been taken with my phone camera.Its not perfect but i am happy with it.I tend to edit my favourites in Picasa adding a bit more shadow or light and perhaps darken the edges.All in all i think its wonderful today to have all this at our fingertips.And instantly no waiting for the photos to come back only to find there isnt one good shot.Here's some i took this week around the house and besides i thought you would like to see how my Poppy has grown since she was my joy cat as a kitten.She is still a joy but she is also the bitchiest little thing around.She has absolutely ruined my new lounge covers already. Apparently she likes raspberry lounges too-who knew ! She has also denuded my flowers above the TV unit of all the tiny butterfly bush type flowers that i bought to soften the arrangement,Its been softened alright all over the apartment.I locked her in teh wardrobe accidently for an hour the other day only alerted by banging coming from the bedroom hehe At least she is too big now to be locked in the fridge which happened numerous times when she was a kitten.

My bitchy baby Poppy
Ahh lounging around nothing like it !
Does my gut look big in this !
CATEAUX  anyone (next doors kitten Wadget)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

In me there is a vast and lonely place,
Where none, not even you have walked in sight,
A wide, still vale of solitude and light,
Where Silence echoes into ebbing space.
And there I creep at times and hide my face,
While in myself I fathom wrong and right,
And all the timeless ages of the night,
That sacred silence of my soul I pace.

Zora Cross

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I've gone Kewpie Krazy

Gotta love a Kewpie and i do .I used to collect them and kept them in a tin pram and at xmas they all sported santa hats, When i moved into the apartment i had to get rid of many vintage loves and although i kept the tin prams for flowers i had to give up the Kewpies, But i can still have paper Kewpies and i just created some vintage style decorations for a Swapbot swap.I started with a vintage image then i copied and reversed it so as to have a double sided ornament.I added a candy can which i also reversed so it has two sides and i glued teh candy can between the Kewpie arms so it can be hung off a tree by hooking the cane onto a branch.I gloss popped its eyes and mouth and hair as well as teh candy cane,then some vintage glitter finished off its tiny wings,

i think they are very sweet.

Happily ever after

A dear friend just got married ,It was a fairytale Day lovely weather. The perfect tiniest sweetest Happily ever afterest church ever !I wanted her gift from me to be special you see we have been friends forever (since high school) We have seen each other to hell and back and so it was so nice to see her just glowing with happiness,

 I made her a Tussie Mussie to put atop her wedding present,As with all things that we as crafters make of importance at first i was trying way too hard adding way too much,This is the end result i think she will love it.

The Happily Ever After Church

Angela and Ray and Angela's sweet grand daughter.

And there were bubbles...
And as the back of their Tussie proclaims may they live Happily Ever After

Monday, April 9, 2012

Princess Party or The demise of a Castle Cake

Tomorrow my God daughter turns 4 today she had her Princess Party complete with castle cake ,Maddie you are always a princess to me.The castle cake made by her mum was pretty awesome and i helped to decorate it but a word to the wise here, Use waffle cones not ordinary ice cream cones for the turrets.The icing covering the cones just slowly dissolves them and like candles on a hot day they curl over and ummm melt away,
It lasted long enough but for the pictures and the Happy Birthday song and the blowing out of the whole four candles.Face painting and tiara decorating were the order of the day,Pirates came too with their princess sisters and friends,The princess even found out it isn't necessary to stick your finger on top of every cupcake to test if they are all okay.There is a problem but in fact my princess will not accept that she will be four she likes three and doesn't want to give it up.This has caused quite a few tears and after questioning it is found that she doesnt want to be bigger cause when you get really big and old you die (as her dog did a few months ago) Oh my so young for such a worry,I have told her four is still very little and very young so am hoping that eventually she will accept that it has happened and she is four.

See what i mean
like a snowman on a hot day
like a fractured fairytale
Our Turrets slowly slid away......


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fleeting is Childhoods Dance

She Dances everywhere my God daughter she cannot help it,She lights up life like a little flutterby.
So full of light and life and smiles.She tells me she loves me and asks how much i love her back.I love you as much as all the smarties in the whole wide world I say.She laughs because she knows that's a whole lot of love.

Her Ballet class had an open day and of course i was to be there she had no doubt.After four sons a ballet day is long overdue and to watch her almost made me cry. I bought her the tutu and the shoes, you see it was i who told her that she would take ballet when she was only one and two and three hehe,
What a lovely morning to see the baby ballerinas and to smile and smile.

.Sometimes god is good he was good today !
So sweet so earnest Maddie knows the routines i was so proud.
And as she danced i thought that in one short week she shall be four and as with my sons her childhood is passing so swiftly. I want to cry out STOP just here just now- just for a while be three and free.

Here's to you my little Flutterby may you dance long in this life and stay just as sweet and beautiful as you were today !