Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sometimes when my day is dreary,
I'm feeling down and kind of teary.
In the quiet of my beloved house
I hold my friend ,my little mouse.
I just click his back and off i fly
till i see all Blogland whizzing by !
Across the world and back again,
I see the seasons wax and wane.
I visit friends I have never met,
Sharing tears and joy upon the net.
They teach-I learn, they have-I yearn
They show and tell -I do as well,
So soon my coffee has gone cold
the day i see is getting old !
The blogs I've been to in my head
going round are the things I've read.
The ideas i simply must now try
so many things,I smile,I sigh !
To me the magic of it never ends,
my host of crafty Blogland friends .
And all because someone dreamed
impossible although it seemed !
Forever am i in their debt
for catching me within their net.
by Jullie Dodds 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A is for Alex and Aspergers and Amazing

My Alexander is oft times amazing.He has Aspergers and although he wouldn't have a clue when April is he loves words as much as i do and writes down sayings that touch his soul.
I love the ones he picks so much starting today i am going to post his favorites a few times a week.
Most Aspies have a passion an area or two on which they obsess and become expert, Alex's is words and History.When he was younger it was Ants before it became history.He has however always been a writer and writes lists and lists and lists of words in notebooks and papers all over his room.This always fascinates me .He also writes stories and poems like an angel (he spells however like the devil-really he spells phonetically like we should!)

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,
It's about dancing in the rain."

Teacup Tuesday

Terri from Artful Afirmations and her friend Martha from Martha's Favorites, have started a weekly event called Tea Cup Tuesday. I know most of us love teacups and tea parties etc.
We are all just little girls at heart playing with our tea sets .So grab a cup of tea and pay a few visits.
On their blogs you will find links to other teacup tuesdayers (hmm is that a word ?)
To start today i have a little panorama of my Plate pantry a sneak preview so to speak.
I love my green teacups they are by Woods England and i have 15 cups and saucers they were froom the op shop years ago for $5 the lot.And no they never fall.Its the visual merchandiser in me that made me stack them like so.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Studio peeks I spy white for wednesday !

This week i thought it would be fun to find white things in my little studio.
I love white its freshness picks a room up.Here is my sweet little white heart cupboard that holds many of my ribbon spools.Got it once at the op shop for $5 and added the wallie rose, Can you also spy the miniature luggage pieces on top.Including a tiny white suitcase.

Do you spy the white laces on their cards these are gorgeous and were a gift from my Friend Joan who like my Aunt shares her stash with me often.No you cannot have her she is MY friend.( i knew you were going to ask dont deny it)
Lastly here is a tin bin i also found at the op shop and jazzed it up with some rub on scrapbooking words.I love how it turned out,Do you like the spoon pincushion i made it myself
when i was going through my spoon bending phase (which was quite a few phases ago hehe)

OOh lastly is that a rabbit flying by .This is a secret project im working on for Easter.
Don't ask me why but my Easter decorations sometimes end up on sticks.He makes it into I spy cause he is of course white and German glass glittered white at that,

I love Miniature luggage

Well you know me i love miniature anything but i really adore miniature luggage.
The other day i got a swapbot swap personally delivered as my partner lives in Springwood too .
Jennie gave me the most darling pansy case like a miniature of the ballet bags we had as children.
I adore it and inside were the sweetest things,I am just a child at heart and surprises delight me. Its the lucky dip factor and Forest Gump was right Life is like a box of chocolates you never do know which one your gonna get!

Anticipation the story of a swap/

Long ago (like late last year) I won keke in a swap.Well i got her as a partner but i soon realised i had won as she is lovely.The annual flickr vintage ephemera Home for the holidays swap.,
Excitedly we exchanged addresses and we also chose to name our swaps to each other.
For mine i chose Believe and almost everything on her swap had the word believe on it or a tag attatched to it. Keke named hers Anticipation ahh and i feel therein lay the problem.Keke worked hard on it sent it off in a flurry and a hurry and i waited and waited and anticipated and........ alas it never came.Its caught up in the christmas mail i said and so we waited and waited and anticipated.Finally in mid january even i in my infinite capacity for positive thinking had to say its not coming.So someone out in postland has a lovely swap .Keke had wanted to resend sooner and as soon as i conceded defeat she started to make another swap by this time she added a valentine swap as she felt bad it was late. So anyway where was i ,oh yes anticipating,well finally just after Valentines day it arrived and it was BETTER than i anticipated,I love love love everything especially the christmas shadow box and the valentine apron.Thankyou thankyou thankyou.
You may visit Keke at Cherry Kingdom.

Big Marthas Favorite thankyou

Sorry this is so late but thankyou thankyou thankyou to Martha of Marthas favorite blog fame
I won a giveaway on her blog for Rachel Ashwells Gift of giving and it arrived wrapped in a sumptuous mauve satin bow and clipped with a vintage pin.All of which tells me she has read the book which is very good by the way.Martha also emailed me and asked about Aspergers and wanted to pray for Alex so she asked me what specifically to pray for,my immediate answer was a friend.Aspergers is so socially isolating and more than anything i wanted a friend for Alex to share things with. Believe what you will my friends but two weeks later Alex has a friend.Another boy from his town from his school and also with aspergers.I think Harry and Alex will be friends for a long long time. To walk through this world without a friend is a lonely lonely walk !

Breathing is optional but kinda nice !

Sorry long time no post,Have been on the dreaded asthma wagon, The kind where breathing is optional but kinda nice.It just makes things hard when you dont you know-I mean if you dont long enough you are dead so Alex tells me ! Ahh so anyway been on the cough cough nebulize etc and then after a week of that not helping it was the dreaded Steroids and a real bad case of the roid rage.WE are talking impatient bad tempered off my face roid rage.Alls i can say is how do people who are shitheads do it.Its exhausting to be angry and upset all your life.Im glad im back to me.Im pretty patient as a rule.Living with a son with Aspergers after bringing up 3 other sons you need to be patient. (hmm is that patience or Apathy) Anyway im back thank goodness and im even breathing which is kinda nice....
PS see this grumpy fellow well that face was me last week !