Monday, February 11, 2008

Where did January Go !

Well Hi my first post for 2008 and the whole of January just flew by
and now its gone.I have been very busy but when i think doing what
i dont know.Must be life i suppose.Oh i have been creating lots of things,My friend
Cecily is having a baby and so i am giving her a baby shower soon and i have made
little thank you cones etc for that invitations and things .I have also mastered a pull tab
pop up atc card will show you soon.Im very proud i found an old pop up batman card from
years ago (my sons) and it gave me the idea.I am not in the slightest technically minded but
luckily i have my fathers stubborness and i took hours over the simple template.Now i have it
its very simple but effective.Now i want to master a wheel effect so that the pics on the front
of the ATC change.The victorians were famous for these sort of things,I love my atc and matchbox swaps to move or do something.Now i am working on little easter baskets for my family.I just love being creative.Now if washing the floors could only excite me half as much lol
Anyway hi to everyone who has missed me and asked when i was ever going to post.