Sunday, August 31, 2008

I was telling Rhonda (Rhondasmum blog) my new friend (won her in a tussie swap) my fav thing in the kitchen On my old enamel stove is an old enamel teapot.It looks nothing special one of those cream and green enamel ones.But for 20 years it has been
"The Fairy Teapot",When small my sons would sometimes find treats or small presents if they had been terribly good (or sick or sad).
Perhaps once a week to their delight.Sometimes the fairies would be adventurous and send them on a hunt to get their treat notes being left leading from teapot to tree to garden and finally in a ring of stones or flowers there would be their gift.
If things had been too terrible (as often they were with four boys) a note may be found a tiny tiny note written in scrawly disappointed writing bearing witness to the horror they had witnessed that week on their fairy rounds.And i would say see they have seen you boys fighting etc etc The boys would be full of remorse at upsetting the fairies (it was ok to devestate the mother but Oh not the fairies).My nieces my nephews and visiting children would be treated thus and it was always a time of magic.I would hear visiting kids whispering to their mums and know they were asking if they could check the teapot.
The legend of that teapot is epic and i now have friends kids of 25 with children of their own who smile and ask if i still have the teapot.i would scour op shops for tiny worthy gifts and always had sweets in back up.And although i myself still fervently Believe -i have four sons who alas do not.I miss those fairy days.I still have children visit Caleb and Sam and now Maddy when she gets old enough willbe told of the treats instore as still do my nephews and cousins children.
So you see old fairies never die(although they may get fatter).
Its nice in this age of computers and bras for 4 year olds to have magic still
exist in childhood. After all you are a long time grown up and only a child for the blink of a fairies eye !

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Late for the Tea Party

Oh what am i to do im late for Glenda of Sweet Daisy Dreams tea Party
So sorry Glenda for my Tardiness my RSI has me behind in everything.
So here is my tea party ,Really its a fav pic that was one of the ones published in a magazine of my then Dining room before the great room reshuffle.
The tea set is a vintage one given to me by a lady i bought a number of antiques off
i just love it.I adore the reserved sign i got from the op shop it is such fun.
Thats the window my dad made us as a wedding gift.It makes that room beautiful.
You can see the room is now just a look gorgeous room that has my fainting lounge and old treadle in it also another teaset from Robert Gordon (ya gotta love him)
set upon a small round tea trolley.Also as part of my tea party check out my plate pantry isnt it devine it holds many teasets and bits of teasets in its interior.
I had it built to hold my vintage china and i love it !Hope you had a fine afternoon tea even if it was a little late.Thankyou for coming.

Thinking of My Father

Three long years now,i cry less and miss you more. Especially coming up
to September fathers Day after all is so close to the anniversary of your death.
The first day of spring and finally you flew from this earth and were free
i prefer to think of it like that.No more pain no more cancer no more being frightened,just no more.Also no more anyone to be my dad and to fix things.
You could and did glue and nail just about everything together and sometimes
i just want to ask your advice even if just to hear you say i dunno love.
We called you the bodgie King cause you could do just about anything.
5 feet tall (thanks for all the height dad) and every inch of it as stubborn as
as umm as maybe me !You were a gentleman in an age where gentlemen are rare.
I know you were mums knight in short plump armour.She misses you every day,
well she misses you every breath.So on fathers day my father i will be grateful that you were mine.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Favourite Pic

This is my favourite picture of my Alex
way before the Aspergers diagnosis when he was tiny and sweet
and oh so eccentric.I mean he is still short and sweet but in my heart of hearts this is the picture i will carry of my Alexander.He was two and a half years old here and thats a doll pram.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My first Tryptich

This is my fIrst tryptich
The first picture shows the inside digital collage
which contains all my favourites (moon ,bluebird etc)
The indian proverb is on the outside back
the fairy joins in the middle and opens to the collage.

The Australian Gothic couple

I made this last year>Its my cousins daughter Georgia and my nephew Joshua.Both
have ummm shall we say sunny dispositions (if we were lying we would say that !)
Here is my version of the American Gothic couple.These expressions are often seen on these two whom i love dearly. At the time this really cracked me up.

Dreams for sale,Get your moon balloons here!

Here is my first try at a collage box ,I made it for a dear friend.
It never ceases to amaze me ,the creative process.The fact that i can think of an idea and then because of the digital age make it come to life!
I was thinking hmmm what would a fairy sell at a stall.Hopes and dreams,firefly lanterns and moon balloons is what i came up with.Then i searched and searched for just the right lemonade stand to use as the base.On and on i went until there
was my little fairy selling birdbasket rides and moon balloons and looking dreamy while she waits for customers.

Here is my all time favourite atc card while i am showing off
it was for a fairy swap and i just love how i got the cats tongue to look like it was curled around this very surprised looking fairy.He then says to her after spitting her out "pardon me ,my mistake-I thought you were,A fairy Cake !
It was one of those crazy ideas (and yes okay i sat here when i made it up and laughed at myself.)
Please note no fairies were harmed in the making of this card (unless of course they fell from my studio shelf whilst laughing at my joke.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I captured the Castle

Yes i do i have my very own castle.Well i dont actually own it but since i moved up the Mountains in 1988 my boys and I have been fascinated by Springwoods own little Castle.
Named Bunda it lies hidden between the railway line and the Highway.Very private set in a fairytale garden with ivy and trees its one of those places you would only catch a glimpse of.
My Sons would beg me to go down the little castle side was the stuff of dreams if not knights.Finally the trees and garden have been thinned during renovations allowing a glimpse.
Armed with my zoom i managed to capture the castle. I must say having seen a roller door on the main turret crushed my dreams a little.Still it is our castle and im very glad it was hidden there for my sons and I to dream..