Monday, August 31, 2009

In Memory of my Dad-a very good man

"And on the first day of spring
Love made him wings
and he flew away"
Four years since you said "Hello love"
Four years since i kissed your cheek and and answered hello Dad.
Four years and so many hours of missing you !
The tears are less but i think i shall miss you till im old and grey.
The songs you used to sing sometimes come into my head and out of my mouth.
Sometimes they make me laugh ,sometimes they make me cry.
I wouldnt have traded you for any other father on the planet.
No you were not perfect but you were perfect for me!
Welcome Spring and memories of you !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slippers for a Rose Faerie

These little slippers are for a Rose faerie (Miss Emily-Rose to be exact)
The have Rose petal cuffs and crystal tips.Tassels on the back and teeny pearls
on the side.They have a wisp of green leaves trailing to each pointy little toe.
i think they are sweet,My sewing of course is imperfectly perfect for Faerie shoes

Life is a great bundle of Little Things

Recently I did a bedroom revamp,i was given the quilt by an aunt,i wanted the bedroom less fussy so i chose neutral uncluttered curtains,i have kept the colour scheme muted,palest pinks and cream and white against the whispy green walls.
i am pleased with the dreamlike atmosphere i created! mY love of words is evident everywhere with To sleep perchance to dream on the wall above the curtains,To the plaques that have meaningful quotations on them.

Cynthia my mannequin (who is quite a hussy but that's altogether another tale !)
holds my collection of vintage brooches and imitation pearls with grace.
She wears two old hats one of which i adorned with every flower i had hanging about.

I love these little bears (they have such a quiet dignified air) atop my dresser which is full of vintage finds collected over the years.

This plaque says "Life is a great bundle of little things"

This hanger is full of little things i love One of my sons christening petticoat,
an old paper collar and some vintage baby hangers ,Tags from Linda a good friend of mine who also supplied the two sweetest bluebirds in my craft room in the previous post.

Dont you love my quiet corner with its shabby cream framed faerie picture,the hanger that the vintage clothing is on was a vinnies towel rack.

Where I create

It took me four sons growing up before i finally got my own craft room
and what you wont see here is my husbands wall of the room.Sigh yes i share it with him.I thought it was fair that i got 3 walls and he got one,after all he has a blokey double garage all to himself !
Above is my favoutite part of my craft studio which is my bluebird shelf.
Its part of an old dresser i bought for $15 off ebay .My sister and i madly decoupaged it one night so we could hang it up and i love it.

My sister made me the banner which says imagine and the noteboard has letters and craft from friends i have met on teh net all over the world.

This dear little hoop pine cupboard is really a tv unit bought off ebay for $50 it
hides a multitude of craft buys from those who may frown.

Another favourite atop the craft cupbopard sits my bits jar a huge i think punchbowl bought for $5 from vinnies and filled with bits and bobs and treasures untold.

This is a dresser that holds many treats,specially my collection of vintage bottles filled with German glass glitter, (i am a glitter snob and you cannot go past German glass glitter !)It also houses gifts from blogger and swapbot friends and my yahoo group.

Ok here is the nerve center or craft central
I was going to wait till my desk was tidy but we may all grow old and die hehe
Actually i am a pretty organized crafter i like to know where everything is and after each project i do tidy my desk, I love this desk given to me by an old friend
its a roll top with many hidey holes it is much loved.
The shelves above the desk are built into the wall where an old window used to be before we extended the house.My son takes great delight in taking the S from the wall so it says Crap hehe Thats a magnetic spice rack you can see with its round containers with see thru lids.So handy for odds and ends within reach.
Dont you love my library index drawers found on ebay for a song they house all my papercraft and scrapping needs,They are all labelled and i can find everything so easily.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fire-wishes and reasons why !

I had to make an atc with the theme fire interpreted anyway i wanted for swapbot.
Somehow as always kids crept in and it became wish fire,For me the lighting of the candles and the making of the wish were always the sweetest memories .The thing i love about creating is it then had me looking up the origin of the birthday candle which was very interesting and very ancient in its origins.It is said that the custom of placing candles on a birthday cake was started by early Greeks who used to place candles on the cake that they offered to Artemis - the Goddess of Moon. Lit candles made their round shape cake glow like the moon.How romantic mind you i am sure some of my cakes would have scared the goddess (they sure scared me !)