Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Creations and my first Inchies

Here are my first Halloween inchies
who would know you can fit so much in a 1 inch square

Vintage ephemera Party Hat swap

This is my fabulous swap from my newest friend Lisa of Lisa Laughs
It was for a vintage ephemera Part hat and extra ephemera.You have to smile when you see a party hat like this.i just love the little butterflies all over it.
Its going on my studio shelf and i will have to smile and think of Lisa when i see it.She has an adorable fairy child named shadi and i in return had to make her an altered piece making shadi a fairy,to go with her hat.She sent me heaps of lovely things,love that altered frame its so me and also the pocket with the tags in it (that i adore)
yep its a definite favourite
oh i just couldnt believe the scraps etc and the lovely ribbons tags bits
and bobs and all the game pieces are great and the book pages
love the tinkerbell correction tape and you do know how i needed that deco
I love the scrap papers honestly it feel like xmas,Lisa and i were getting worried as it took so long to arrive but
i was right quarantine had opened it and left amessage that it had been held
checked and found ok nothing was removed,They are very strict here with quarantine.
So it came and it was a huge success thanks so much to Lisa
I have loved being your partner and we are remaining friends.See why blogging and swapping are so addictive.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Where do babies go ! Warning kind of whiny and nostalgic

I tell you where they go,they grow and grow and grow and then before you know it
there are no more fingerprints on the wall.No more toys on the floor.Those babies are gone and usually before you are quite finished them too.Oh they ring occasionally to ask if its going to kill them if they cook frozen steak,or as happened once they want the recipe for that white fluffy stuff you made them so many times (after much thinking this was mashed potatoes).They ring to ask if their eye is red will they be okay.or perhaps $20 to tide them till payday.But them babies are long gone and now you are just on standby.I have four sons and only one left at home and i miss my sons sooo much.I see them at times not often they all have lives and jobs and they forget to ring.But the time just flew in a wink and yesterday my eldest baby turned 28 and he is a man (but to me he is forever my Matty)So i guess there is a mothers mourning for what they were and the realisation that you have to accept that's what is meant to happen.But oh a mothers lot is hard ,to give birth and have to share what was once yours alone and then to love and hug and hurt for them to fight sometimes so hard for (and against them as they turn into teens) To congratulate yourself that you managed to keep them alive, Sometimes damaged often stitched but yes they survived and hey no one is more amazed than you!And then simply to let them go and become what ? A mother waiting for them to remember you love them more than anything in the world.I am glad my eldest has found a lovely
partner and that she is so good for him.I want that for my next two sons too and that they be happy.Matthew just got back from the United states its their second big trip and since i have never left Australia i was so happy for them.Oh i know this is a nostalgia post but hey at least once a year is acceptable I'm the mother of sons don't you know !So since i am being pathetic here is my Alex now 15 at about 2 and he was a little pixie.

Party hats and wheezes

While i was very sick and couldnt sleep due to the steroids i made
this cute party Hat for Lisa of Lisa Laughs blog.It was for the
Vintage ephemera Birthday Hat swap.Lisa is a lovely person and we have had many emails to get to know each other. I am so glad i got to meet her through this Flickr group swap.It never stops amazing me just how kindred some of us bloggers and crafters are.Anyway here is lisas hat and it was a lovely thing to come out of a very bad time for me lol !
Check out Lisas Blog here at Lisa Laughs

spring in the mountains

Well spring has definitely came to my part of the world,flowers are everywhere
even in my little garden amongst the weeds.My snowdrops finished with winter and now the blubells are out as is my flowering peach and azaleas.Also the first roses from the new ones i planted so exciting to see them.The birds are out too and the kookaburras have again found their laughter.Bad emmilou would love to picnic on a rozella but we have two bells on her collar so she can stalk them but they hear her coming.It makes you want to do things when the weather is warmer unfortunately i have been really ill and cant get a hold on my asthma so its xrays and steroids and specialists for me.The only good thing is the steroids have helped my RSI so good i can at least sit and craft.