Friday, July 29, 2011

My son the Cook and Magician

I have two sons that like to cook Matthew the eldest loves to make difficult things and even made the masterchef V8 cake once.He sent me a pic of this the other day and said mum what do you think

To be honest I thought the burger a little messy but it looked yummy
 I actually thought he made the masterchef hamburger and chips,being a crafter i was very impressed with the chip cone ,Then he surprised me by saying on skype where we were typing each other
one word CUPCAKES i thought whats he talking about ! Then he said mum they are cupcakes
he made a tray of each for a birthday at work. See he is a magician not a cook.
i like to think the creativity came from me hehe. Ingenius dont you think.
How clever these are puff pastry with icing sugar in newspaper cones

These are vanilla cupcakes with chocolate cake meat and shredded coconut lettuce

Just a kitten and a balloon

Here is our naughty Poppy who when i left my sons 18th birthday bag of presents overnight on the table (with his balloon weighted inside and the string touching the ceiling and i  thought  it Poppy proof)
hopped up on the table and inside the bag and wound the ballon down till she could put a claw in it.
Alex decided the day after his birthday after poppy adoring the ballon to gift her with it.

hmm its very high up there.....

Lucky i can climb well !

Is it there ,is it still there ? Am i dreaming ahhhh balloon !!

Well it was worth the balloon price for the laughter she gave us watching the love of a kitty for her balloon.She would jump up and grab the string and lay looking up at her prize then totter off across the room with it.In the end tired ney exhausted she put it up on her fav lounge and went fast asleep.Every now and then she would drag herself awake and check her ballon was still where she left it.
Oh this ballooning is simply exhausting !!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heart of my heart-blood of my blood

Heart of my heart
yesterday when you were small
leaving hand prints on the wall,
Bringing drama to my life
always into lots of strife,
Showing all your dimpled charm
any trouble to disarm.
Now a baby yours to come
this time i am not the mum',
A nan or gran this time to be,
No one is happier than me !
I loved you all before we met
before the first nappy wet.
I knew then as now forever more
more than life i loved you four.
Already i feel the clenching start
of tiny hands upon my heart.

congratulations to my son Timothy and his wife Megan who is due in January 2012
7th generation Australian-with Maltese and Dutch blood mixed to perfection.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sometimes words make me cry ! ( even Winnie the Pooh !)

Well yes i know what you are thinking everything makes me cry.I cant stand to hear that song you are my sunshine my only sunshine cause when it gets to please don't take my sunshine away that's it I'm gone.I used to love that song " I wish everyday could be the first day of spring" and then my father went and died on the first day of spring so if i start singing that one i end up in tears. Bette Midlers from a distance and the allelujah song ( oh god i love that song).Yup i guess I'm just a sap.Words have always meant a lot to me, Some people call me the Wordsmith i don't mind i like that title.I am a writer and a reader i was born that way.I can be reduced to tears reading a book or i can end up laughing aloud like a loony.Reading is the cheapest holiday you will ever take.
It will however take you far away to another time and and another place.
As a young girl i once wrote a poem that ended
"For i am a writer of fairy tales
                and once upon a time all alone in a tower
                                                         a princess was waiting ,
                                                                                   and waiting...
                                                                                          and waiting...."
Little did i know then just how long some princesses have to wait
and sometimes a knight doesn't show up at all and she must rescue herself.
And i really do pity the fat ugly princesses of this world cause its bad enough when you are a commoner
and you dare to be born plain.Anyway i do so love quotes and words.I have passed this trait on to my sons all four love quotes and a few of them keep journals and are themselves wonderful writers.
Ah we may lack many things in our family but imagination we have in bucket loads. I want to know since when did Winnie the Pooh get so wise and deep .That Pooh  he is a real thinker ,i think should we meet i would like him an awful lot. Id probably love Eeyore too and i bet my bottom dollar that Rainy days and Mondays always get him down.