Thursday, January 28, 2010

Believe in yourself


in yourself,

in love,

in trust,

in magic,

in angels,

in happy endings,

in god,

in promises,

in miracles,

in people,

in fairy tales,

in following your heart,

in peace,

in true happiness,

in never growing up,

in following your passions,

in making your dreams come true,

in helping people,

in making the world a better place,

in changing for the better

(found on facebook)

Monday, January 25, 2010

White wednesday- Fragments from the past

There's just something about black and white or sepia that modern colour cannot even come close to. It captures the moment and creates its own mood.I have a lot of my modern photos converted to black and white.Here are some fragments of time captured on film and wearing white !
(Baby ballerina is modern day from google images)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Okay i confess i break things.You know why i break things (just ask my husband) cause i am a fiddler and a creator and i have too much imagination. Yep i am never happy cause i finish a project and there is that one little bit that is not quite perfect and so i fiddle fiddle until the little imperfection is now a huge one and so then i have to find the right something to stick over the mess and then no i don't like that.So the whole thing goes in the bin and i have to start over.Know what i mean ?
Or i get an idea that if only i can put this (whatever) on another (whatever) it doesn't belong to then i can make something great.Its not meant to go there says hubby,it isnt meant for that,its the wrong size you will break it if you force it.
Well sometimes he is wrong you know and i manage the impossible and i am happy.Mostly i end up breaking the whatevers and or maiming myself. Then he is happy cause he right.So why do i do it ,why cant i leave things alone.But if i left them alone i wouldn't end up with some of the good things i have made.Ahh its a conundrum alright.Life must be so easy for the uncreative surely!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its not real -so why am I crying !

I am,Have you ever watched UP.I love Disney Pixar I mean they make magical movies that actually mean something, My sons loved them and now Alex and I watch them.All summer long i have been watching guy movies or in the case of a lot of the action shoot em ups that they have been watching i kinda just melt away and hide in here blog hopping.Today it was my movie choice and since it had to appeal to Alex i chose UP.OMG i cried Alex cried .Who knew watching all those cute trailers about a grumpy old man and a floating house that it would be so darn sad.It was happy too and funny but the story line was just sooo sad and i couldnt believe just how sad and touching in a film aimed at little kids.So by all means watch it but grab the tissues and wheres the chocolate i think i need chocolate.

White wednesday- A few Favourites

These are a few of my favourite things
The chair and Amoire were off ebay as was the enamel hanger,The dress is just a picture i love of a flower girls dress it has a pocket that you slip the petals into You change the colour of the petals to suit the wedding.What a lovely little dress fit for a princess.There is something soothing and delicious about vintage white all chippy and still it retains an elegance of times past and dreams of old.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First White Wednesday

I love white and have decided to do white wednesdays.
With my four sons when they were growing up white was a dream but not a practical colour of choice.Now all but one have flown away and taken their big handprints with them its slowly creeping in and i am glad.So here are three of my forst white wednesday pics all from around my home.