Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 years without my Dad

Its a hard week for us September 1st being the day my father died 2 years ago and sept 2nd being fathers day so I made this as i cant make him a card anymore or buy him stupid black socks or hateful slippers anymore either.Made this cause the fight with cancer is still so fresh in my mind that the siren of an ambulance still hurts me.
Made this cause what else can you do,people are born and so they die thats it thats life and although we may not like it we have to accept it.
Still i miss that hello love,miss him calling me Jen (my sisters name)by mistake.
Miss him being there to fix things,my dad was the best fixer upper ever,if it was broken the usually he could fix it or at least modify it.He was a gentleman in an age where they seem scarce,he left school in 6th grade as the family needed his wage,he worked as a tea boy in a logging camp,worked hard walked far and had adventures.Like cutting across the Metho camp (where the men used to drink methylated spirits and be crazy) as a shortcut home.He had tales by the score and they are all in my head and in my heart.He worked is way up in 3M to become 30 years later an industrial chemist.He could memorize formulas and make up new products etc I was so proud of him.
Except of course when i told him it wasnt the done thing to wear the same suit to your daughters second wedding as you wore 20 something years before at her first (and it wasnt real nice back then).So we hired him a suit thats him in it below and he was so proud of himself that day it makes me smile to remember it.Happy fathers day Dad !

click to enlarge card

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My cat loves Peas

Not only loves them but is addicted to them
I was emailing Daisy the other day and i had to write
have to go the cats driving me mad Neil must have forgot her peas
after tea and she is my bitch girl emmilou not my sweetie pie Avalon
so my life was pretty much in danger.
We probably own the only cat in the whole of Australia
who goes through a kilo bag of frozen peas a week
every night after tea she must have one cup of peas defrosted in hot water enough to burn your hand
she goes at them like a starving waif
she waits impatiently as you defrost them in her very own pea jug
she hangs over the jug waiting
and there is no forgetting
or she drives you batty
she comes and taps you on the arm or leg 2 taps hard like slaps to let you know
No joke i have sifted through frozen stir fry mix to get her peas when desperate
in an emergency she will accept broccoli or beans but peas are her food of choice
and she has to be made eat her tea or most first like a kid getting icecream
she would rather peas than chicken,now i ask you is that normal cat behaviour .
In our house lets face it , there is no normal !

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A bit of fairy dust and some Angel kisses

Daisy's parcel full of friendship arrives

I got my parcel from Daisy in England A totally fabulous Kindred spirit
and now bosom friend (to quote Anne of green gables and heaven knows i have enough bosom to have many friends)
it was the best ever
i love everything every single thing
especially the matchbox drawers (well it was a matchbox swap i met her in thanks Natasha) she made 4 drawers with a birdhouse on top
i started to cry when i read make me (one drawer contains a bear cut out of felt to make
and another angel kisses and fairy dust (tiny glass bottles of glitters and little stars on sheer material)
love the tin heart i do i do
and a wooden bunny that had me going oh oh oh
a tiny shoe soo me
and the lavender
customs opened it and quarantine checked it and i got lavender- from her garden
guest soaps and a little box of handmade chocolate which turned out to be a delicious something called violet creams with really truly crystalised violets on top
what treats what treasures
a little vintage doll i love her so
she reminds me of a Milly Molly Mandy in her dress
the card was so sweet and the tag both with milly molly mandy on them (from our childhood favourite books) who she says im like but really im more like little miss pepperpot
i have probably forgotten something but i love it all
the teeny tiny horse is sooo absolutely special and the frog and the mice
all belonging to fairytales and fitting in a matchbox drawer
and tiny red ballet shoes did i tell you that red shoes was my favourite fairytale when i was young
i obviously told her and the drawers are soo sweet
and the birdhouse on top oh and the scrapping stamp set with the funny de tampon name
oh and i forgot the ice cream cone full of bubbles wow i laughed at that one and i will use it too
it was too too much and just enough and more than enough all at once
it was everything i love from my blog and my life
birds and hearts and bunnys and vintage toys and fairydust and fairytales and craft
and though some may say (and they do quite often) i am a weird little person Daisy soo gets me I love her to bits.Thankyou Daisy for being you.

Shannons gift

When Shannon of Paintminepink made me a Tiara for Hollydoodles Tiara swap
she also made me a pink and vintage heart wall hanging.
She wrote lovely words about making my Tiara the Queen of Hearts cause i have the kindest heart she knows,thanks Shan you know your a doll.
Here is her pink heart confection (well its mine now so here is MY pink heart.)

Hop Hop Jingleboos Bunny swap

This is way way behind so a belated thanks again to heather my Hop Hop Jingleboo bunny partner.A while ago
Something quite wonderful arrived on my doorstep first thing in the morning
my bunny swap parcel arrived from America
wow my partner HEATHER she is just amazing
all tissued and ribboned and tagged
and so so wonderful
the tags for a start have feathers and birds and on a bunny etc on them
the bunny is a ceramic one she dressed herself in red white and blue
there were two American flags
a flag bandanna
bunny socks
a birdhouse tiny on a stand red white and blue of course
tiny feather birds
a tiny hanging bunny
and two American mags
country living and Mary Engelbreits home companion on my want list for an age
and a victorian postcard with a bluebird on it
and and scrapping stuff American and bunny stickers and stars and cut outs
what a woman
it was all the stuff id choose myself
i cant get over how lovely it was of her.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Nice matters Award

I am very honoured to get the nice matters award from Shannon of Paintmine pink and now
pass it on to a few other deserving ladies out there in blogland i consider very nice indeed.
1) Dionne from Cherubs kisses
2) Daisy from Daisy's Days
3) Eva at Evas Art
4)Jen at Jens world (my sister but Nice as well)
5)Linda at Lilly cottage
Nice does matter and there should be more of it everywhere everyday.

The Great crowning and my addiction grows

Ahh my blogging friends how my swap addiction grows,
I tell you its far worse than my ebay one and far more expensive than my scrapping one as it combines all of that and more.Australia really is downunder when it comes to posting stuff to the rest of the world.I have really had so much fun witn this swapping,i am like a kid at Christmas hell i am a kid at christmas what can i say.
Today i finally got to crown my tiara partner from Holly Doodles Tiara swap.Shannon a good friend i first met on yahoo prettychic and got matched with by accident to make a tiara.I enjoyed it very much and the glittering was out of hand below a few posts is my creation for her along with a Tiara hatbox warning that the contents may Dazzle and sunglasses should as a precaution be warned.Here in all its pinkness is my Queen of hearts Tiara as made by Shannon a vision in pink .vintage tag roses and lace and pearls what more could a girl ask.I will blog tomorrow the lovely heart shaped wall hanging she gave me too.As well as that her wording on the tag was so lovely to Julles the Queen of hearts cause you have the kindest heart I know .Oh Shannon shucks (she blushes)To all of you peasants out there you may call me her Royalness if you like.