Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maddie turns 3 and Dora was there !

 and there and there and well you get the idea Dora the intrepid explorer was everywhere ! On balloons on the cake in the fiesta type atmosphere and in every gift Maddie received and was thrilled with almost,She had a Dora cake and i made the cake bunting my first and so cute,her mum made the cake and it was delicious so said the children as the path was eaten and the grass was licked off fingers.There was fairy bread fit for a princess and pass the parcel .Maddie was happy if a little over awed as one should be on ones third birthday.Ooh and don't tell anyone but there is a boyfriend involved so sweet,There was also pin the mask on dora and balloon lanterns all around.

Cake Bunting-gotta love it

Not every day a god daughter turns 3 if only her gram my friend Desley could have been with us to share it,I'm sure she was looking down smiling as our little girl turned magically from two to three,

OOh the boyfriend !..



vivian said...

what a sweet birthday celebration for an adorable little girl! Oh i can just imagine the parties we will have for my little grandson too!
have a great sunday!

Mom of 2 Roses said...

She is still such a beauty!! She has such a good godmother and you did a great job with her birthday!!