Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers day

My mum and Dad (my favourite picture of my Mum and Dad they look so happy and in love

Happy Mothers day to all mothers,especially to my very own mother and my sister too. My mother is still one of my best friends ,we can tell each other anything.I have counted on her in good times and in terrible times and thank her for the times she has pulled me through. I remember as a child how she could make magic out of ordinary things.A sheet became curtains flour and butter and sugar became a birthday cake.A boring saturday became a picnic on the lawn.The sacrifices she made were only obvious with time,She was our mum and we loved her . Its a bond shared by mums everywhere.We struggle,we sometimes lose the plot,The sticky fingers on the wall,the constant chatter and mess.Then we let them go and we want to say no im not finished yet.But off they go and with them parts of our hearts. My own drove me nuts,the fighting the tears,the anger of youth.But although i dont miss that, I do miss the fairies and the whispers at christmas and the begging at birthdays,I miss the "I will never ever ask you mum for another thing as long as i live "(yeah right). I miss the"Please mum, just one more mum" (one more minute on this game,one more biscuit,one more chance) I miss the hugs ,i miss the laughter ,i guess really i just miss my boys. Still i have one at home who has spent hours making my card so i am not totally devoid of children. And i share my sisters three boys the two youngest sometimes remind me i am lucky to have peace !LOL .So to all you mums Have a great day and hug them babies cause in a minute they will be all grown up.

This is my Brother Joey and myself

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Avalon-My contemplative cat

Here is my favourite pic of Avalon

and I took it can you believe that.

I look at it and think wow it looks like a calender pic.

We called her Avalon after where Neil found her

hurt and dumped,and Darkmoon for she has seen the darkness

of life and still shines like the moon.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Pink tissue,tears and friends

I am sitting here surrounded by tears and pink tissue ,amidst a wonderful wonderful surprise parcel sent to me by Peta (Make mine pink ) .
Thank you soooo much .While i was bursting into tears i grabbed the camera first, so you could all be with me as i opened the parcel .So beautiful i adore the tiny wreath she sat on the top held on by Chantilly chic ribbon.
Next I open up the box burst into tears and see there are bows on everything.They are all pink ,all different and tiny polka dot bows -my favourite everywhere like sprinkles >
A beaded doily, a teddy teabag rest ,a teddy plaque, a friends are family we choose ourself magnet (so true), a tiny tiny bag of rose potpourri ,chipboard family tags and a tiny resin jointed bear (my personal fave).
I love it love it love it Its the kind of thing i do often for others but is not often done for me
Mum and my sister aside .What is it about a surprise gift, out of the blue -its just the best thing .Thank you Peta you are a great friend .

Visit to Shannons

went to visit shannon (Paint mine pink see link) who i met through my prettychic yahoo group my head was spinning too much to look at very pretty,she is very creative.Also met her mum Colleen (collsgarden see link) lovely lady too.Oh and i never ruffled her cushions ....much lol
Had an altogether shabby and pretty chic morning thanks Shannon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I have been tagged

This morning I got an email.....
My Cherry Heart (Dolly) tagged me for some Weird FUN!!!
>>> I've been tagged - 7 WEIRD Facts about ME <<< >1) Umm I love to give little surprises ,to everybody I just love to brighten someones day. Why not but it makes some people suspicious of me (go figure) I think they are asking why?
2) Ok big on the weird is TREES there are two trees around the corner i see everyday
and it never ceases to annoy me that these trees are all nicely shaped then right at the top
their are odd sticky out bits.It annoys me i want to hire a cherry picker and cut them.
3)I cry a lot,at everything.The news ,memories,somebody does something nice to me,
sometimes just cause im happy.
4)ok i have like small panic attacks have had them since i was about 5 i usually try to hide them
its not like butterflies its like a hand twisted your guts inside out for a minute.I have to pant and breath through them Nice hey and when im driving its not good.Just fleeting i can get em talking to new people driving someplace new.Or even watching a movie and the camera skims accross the water.So some are like nervous things but others more like a motion thing
5)I collect weird stuff like vintage Childrens birthday party stuff,Dices
spinning tops,miniature card games and sideglancing tiny indian dolls (that really creep shannon out)
6) I am always doing weird stuff like sticking pictures to the bedroom floor or coming up with
strange ideas.I will force stuff into what i want and often i will break it after my DH tells me its not meant for that you will break it.
7) i do my best creative stuff in the middle of the night