Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas has Arrived

Okay the tides has come in on the christmas spew (meaning its all clean until the backroom,which is still unfinished) i will post pics of my vintage decs on my roseroom tree here so far is
this is the little china cabinet top village i adore the little battery operated
lemax moon that glows blue above the village trees.

the tiny snowman tree woth snowmen i made and glass glittered
its on kitchen servery

Bad picture of a cute tree
tiny tree on my bedroom chest
the lidded container i am filling with more pink decs as soon as i find them

in main lounge is my toywagon tree
its just a little tree sits near the front door at the double doors
leading to my rose room

okay here we have my button tree i have lights in it this year no use
trying to show the little buttons but they are there on the ends of the branches
evey year it sits in my hatbox rescued from the local dump years ago.(to the horror of my boys)

next is my christmas village in the daytime
this year only the tiny one and peta your house is in my village
there are people making phone calls polar bears and girls playing hopscotch
stay away my little cats (actually my two cats are angels with my decs)

This is the little cupboard near from my front door

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas has spewed it mess all over my house

Yep I have been decorating like a woman possessed,well i am a woman possessed.
My husband and son hate to do any helping as they say im way too fussy.
Well you know if it isnt in the centre or something clashes with something else.
I always say if men had a chance they would be happy in a shack with a mud floor a huge screen Tv and a great stereo system.Unfortunately they have us and therein lies the problem.
Anyway busy busy .
Only the end of November and not only did i make the christmas cards i wrote in addressed and posted them.Drumroll here please,big band and a medal.To get to the title of this post,you bring in the tree and the boxes and bags and you undo all the paper and and and there you have it,Christmas spews all over your house.Well im still mopping it up when i have i will take pics of my Christmas decor.I mean its bad i went out today and i was so disappointed no one broke in and cleaned up.Me i have better stuff to do ,like make fairy doors for a swap im hosting on swapbot.
But tomorrow, tomorrow i want to make my house beautiful and magical (lots of shimmery shred Neil,oh boy he hates shred almost as bad as glitter) what can you do its the magic- that shred is (tinsel strips cant think of their name).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas Mantle

Okay its early i know Its those girls online at prettychic they are such a bad influence.
i am buckling to peer pressure and my friend Cecily is doing hers so what could i do.
I am slowly starting the christmas decor first the mantle,here it is,
Not totally happy with it but its better than last years.That teddy stays out in my back room all year hes my favourite.The basket of fruit was a $3 vinnies bargain the other day so i did the mantle around the basket.Th whole time i was thinking of Cecilys mum Desley my best friend of 20 years who died earlier this year of breast cancer,she bought me the santa on the reindeer and she loved christmas so Desley this Mantle is for you.

Gingerbread men take over

They are not just breeding folks they are moving- i kid you not.
One moment they were happy in their vintage mixing bowl
(neil wasnt as usually our fruit lives there lol)
the next they demanded vintage box accomodation
I ask you where will it end ?Will i wake up to find a gingerbread man
in my bed ,and worse if i did would i like him and get rid of Neil.
The plot thickens (like gingerbread mix) i will keep you updated !

I think God is watching

How could you look at this sky
and not think God is watching..
Its been a stormy afternoon
nice stormy not scary stormy
and then the clouds parted and Neil took this picture
of Heavens window
and just for a moment I felt so calm.

Me and patience are not good friends

WeLL not normally anyhow
my friend Carmen used to teach quilting and beaded tassel making
Now anyone who knows me will say i am creative and imaginative BUT
when the sewing gene was given out it must have been to those who grew taller than 4 feet 10 cause i can cut and glue and even nail BUT
I CANNOT SEW to save my life,my boys no joke were the only scouts in their troop with
their badges glued on.So when Carmen offered to teach me to make a beaded tassel
and i found out that a needle and a thread were involved i was freaking out,
But guess what i love it-oh okay i almost threw it last night when i had to undo a line
and then it got tangled,today i got the hang and really its quite peacefull
here it is in progress,not perfect but im proud.

Tussie Mussie just for me

Shannon made me this perfect tussie all blue and icy for my guest room. I just love them and dont tell her but im making her a Christmas one. Sshhh its a secret

Also i am just in love with my balls (pardon the pun)
I love them all different sizes all china and i put them in a white heart shaped bowl.
I am still loving this room all crisp and white.The perfect home for shannons Tussie.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well happy Halloween
We pumpkinified our house
us Aussies dont as a rule embrace Halloween
but its starting to creep in and last year we were totally unprepared and lollyless when some trick or treaters came.
This year we decorated we bought skeleton bags and filled them all ready,and Alex and i waited and waited and waited
he ate a bag,i ate a bag the cats just werent interested.
Not a single Halloweenie ahh well maybe next year !
Happy Halloween to all my blogging friends.

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas

Well at least to Neils undiminshing horror its snowing glitter in our office.
Well he likes to call if office but we all KNOW its a craft room. Here are my latest things im working on I do have at least a zillion projects on the boil.
And look at all that glass glitter
the frog prince and the pumpkin coach are
for Fairytale inspired swap im hosting on swapbot
they are hang tags the gingerbread man is for a swap too
the snowmen heads are drying
The huge musical ball Is from Vinnies (the goodwill) and was a huge satiny mess
it plays lovely real musicbox music not todays battery crap.
the lady looked at me like i must be desperate and it cost me $1
here is the before and after
i ended up decoupaging then sealing it then rolling in glass glitter
oooh the mess but now its all done i like it and it will live here forever (which is a very very long time) in my christmas collection,

Lanterns for my Christmas table

Every year i have a theme for christmas. One year it may be stars another brown paper to wrap presents. One year about 20 years ago i had seen in American country living tiny walnut shells painted gold- hinged and with tiny charms inside at each place setting, so that year i did the same and they were so sweet.Another year I did mini chocolate boxes at each place.
Well here is this years theme lanterns
I bought them very brightly coloured ,lime green pink and blue
although i loved the bright colours for me i wanted a posher atmosphere.(you may not know but am a very posh person)
so I am using these as my basis for my christmas settings ,
I saw some in a magazine once (and we wonder why husbands must hate those mags) one at each place setting with its tealight burning and
a tag attatched to the handle indicated place names and i instantly loved them.Ever since i havent seen any small enough or cheap enough (okay im posh and cheap) to buy at least 8 and in the end i bought 10 as they were $2 each and i thought now they are cream ,They could be used anytime i want.