Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great Blog Giveaway

The Fabulous Linda and Laura at Lilly Cottage (a wondrous gift shop that often has wildlife pop in with hilarious results)are having a fantabulous giveaway for Valentines day so if you want to go click HERE and pop on over.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It came it went and left exhaustion in its wake

As Christmas is want to do !
So my fellow bloggers a belated happy New Year !

Already the year has begun and i find myself as always in the throws of
re organizing my home and getting rid of some furniture and replacing it
with new (well new to me but not new lol)Plus my Aunt and cousin are moving house and they are throwing stuff out and i have been arms open catching stuff.Well you all know how much i need more stuff (do i hear choking in the stalls)
As well i have launched headlong into several swaps of the valentine kind and no doubt to be followed by those of the Eastery kind :)
Well what can one do when one has the swapping addiction but give in and enjoy it !
I have also just finished my first Itty bitty book swap on flickr a heart shaped page one here are my 30 pages,I think i may have been a bit too keen as each page involve several steps that's after the initial making of the collage and die cutting each page.Then kindy glitzing the edge roses and german glass glittering over a feather for the wings,making and glitzing each tiny envelope adding a heart pearl and the the dangle and then the back information.Sounds okay yes for one but then you do 30.Still i had fun i must say.

Also the atc cards are my first for this year for Swapbot and are miniature noticeboards.Click on them to see the detail !It was my dear mithers borthday on the 6th and i made her a card like these so i liked it so much i made some atc cards.