Friday, November 12, 2010

My Blog Banners - trip down memory lane

A Maximist in a minimalist space

Can you believe i have decluttered
all this AND MORE
Well folks its official Brambly Cottage is losing its soul (me) and I am moving to a rented apartment in Penrith at the foot of my beloved Blue Mountains.I just keep thinking me with all my stuff living in a two bedroom apartment yikes.Alex will have a bedroom as will i meaning my craft room will now become a craft cupboard.I have sold so much stuff  ( my friend sue has for me at any rate she has been a true Angel check out the sale she had for me on her blog Junkit Junction )given away even more thrown away quite a bit and donated more than i care to admit.But wait theres still more folks too much more and before the move is over there shall be more unclinging of me from my stuff.I am going for a lighter decorating style no more dark colours and dark furniture.This Space has to be light and airy and lift my spirits.So far i have at the apartment a large bookcase that even has a ladder.My first purchase as a single person again.I am mixing my old things with new white furniture going for a paris apartment feel..As such next year along with this blog i will be starting a new blog of my apartment adventures in decorating and storing heaps in a small space.Sale pics courtesy of Sue -Junkit Junction blog.I'll move soon so watch this space!