Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July to my American blog friends

Which is not to say i don't wish everyone a happy 4th of July
but here in Australia it doesn't mean much more than the day after the 3rd of July.
Like most kids i used to envy the Americans it seemed to me they had it all.All the things
in those comic ads that we could never have like sea monkeys (which i finally got much to my disappointment at 43,they were not the performing aquatic monkeys of my childhood dreams) along with xray glasses and moon walking shoes ,they were all the stuff of dreams.More than that those American kids had the 4th of July and Halloween.Now anything where you get to eat and see fireworks or dress up and collect huge amounts of candy, well you can't blame us poor Aussie kids for a hint of the green eyed monster.Hell we all wanted to be in the cleaver family with the beaver.
So now im all grown up (well out anyhow i never did grow up that much !) its time to forgive, well now that we are starting to have Halloween too and i found out i wasn't missing too much with the sea monkeys hehe
So Happy 4th of July !