Saturday, April 5, 2008

I love making matchboxes

I have never bought and wasted so many matches in my life.never having been a smoker
i had not had a great deal to do with matchboxes.Now i go through them like a chainsmoker.
Well okay like a few chain smokers.I love to do matchbox swaps and more than that i think i am pretty good at them.You are given a theme and you must decorate and fill your matchbox to match the theme.Like a tiny work of art i love love love em.Here is my favorite i have done because it was through a matchbox swap i met my kindred spirit Daisy in England.
See how technology meets craft in such a great way.

Blue sky Day

Now how is this for a blue sky
i couldnt believe the depth of blue
up here in the mountains we have pretty clean air and
i just had to show you my air i took this its the windchime
(that neil hates the tinkle of) on our front porch

Happy Easter a little late

Yes im late posting my easter mantle But i hope yopu all had a lovely one
and anyone who knows anything about my favourite rabbit let me knowmy fav is the cutie vintafe one in the middle with the big eyes and green skirt isnt she the sweetest
the close up one of the small handmade rabbit is all the way from the UK and was made
for me from my friend Daisy.

Easter swaps

Well easter came with gifts aplenty and i was the lucky recipient of a surprise from peta at paintminepink blog
a gorgeous Tussie from Kelly at Makeminepink blogAnd another swap a lovely easter box full of treats from Petah what an angel

Thankyou for all helping make my dieting easter a whole lot happier !