Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Empty Boxes make my heart beat faster

Is it just me ?
tell me it isnt just me (well it isnt cause i have an Aunt who also loves boxes)
Like a three year old I often love the boxes better than the presents,
I cant seem to help myself i store them under my bed and in my closet.
Clear ones really excite me ! I know i know im a cheap date. Maybe its all that unexplored potential.I love to package things and i have sometimes
 made or bought things just to fit a certain box,Clear boxes are great for pretty presents
filled with  a gift surrounded by shredded tissue , rose petals,pot pourri or confetti they look
good enough to eat.
a simple paper tussie mussie (paper cone) that has been carefully placed in a clear box looks so sweet when filled with tiny treats.
Is that why i love that song little boxes on the hillside little boxes made of ticky tacky.unlike the song but my boxes never ever look the same.No i wasn't joking about the faster heart rate like a Good bargain at the op shop my heart will respond to a great empty box.So come on confess do you have a hidden stash of empty boxes

Above and below prime example a fabric hatbox purchased at the op shop for $2


Saturday, May 21, 2011

My New Crafting Altered Art blog

Pop over and check out my new Altered Arty type blog
Its called The midnight Craft Fairy for the simple reason that
i have always been a midnight crafter,When my four sons were small it was the only
me time i had, Now after recent turmoil in my life i find it hard to sleep at night
so again i have become the midnight crafter at my little oak secretaire,It makes me happy it keeps me
relatively sane,On this blog i will post my forays into the altered art world and swaps i have sent and received,Take a peek let me know what you think.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

If motherhood was easy Men could do it !

ME,my mum,my mums mum and my mums mums mum.
Some they say are hugging mothers and some are scolding mothers.Some read stories and bake cookies and some go to soccer and some don't. I guess i am more a hugging mother also a sooky mother and yes i have been a yelling screaming shrew at times mostly id say warranted.I'm definitely a nagging mother,I'm a bribing kind of mother and a silly kind of mother.i have used fairies against my children yes i admit that-the fairies would watch son number two on the school bus and tell me how he behaved, If he came in asking what did the fairies say biting his nails and looking worried well the fairies had told me he mucked up on the bus.If he came in smiling and proud of course the fairies had told how proud they were he was so good.The same dobbing fairies though also left tiny fairy gifts and fairy letters.Santa's beard would get caught in our fireplace screen and once a letter even sailed down the chimney in full view of Alex.The bunny and the tooth fairy always came to our house.But however hard i would try i was not an organized mummy not with four sons and a husband never home , I have two sons with aspergers and one with adhd and one whose IQ was in the genius level.Oh yeah and the one with adhd was epileptic.they were always getting stitches and lumps and bumps and bruises well mainly Timothy was but the others had a share,So come to think of it maybe i had a reason for being disorganized;I was always wrapping presents Xmas eve and racing around cleaning the house before visitors and ending up in tears in my exhaustion at trying to be perfect. ( i have a feeling it was right about then i was that yelling shrewing mother) I didn't always get them to brush there teeth and sometimes they didn't even get their pyjamas on it was just a miracle to read them a story and get them all asleep at once. But i loved them dearly and with all my heart.So if you could say nothing else i kept them all alive albeit slightly damaged and i was a loving mother.I had a loving mother myself who was apt to be always a bit weird a little different but always loving. Although she did bang a mean hairbrush on the fridge when she got angry. She was  a dobber on us to my dad,Sometimes she would say she was going to tell dad and make us sweat all afternoon and then gave us a reprieve.An if it came to a smack from dad it was she who would sneak in with a chocolate after.

3 of my 4 sons Joel ,Matthew and Timothy (and thats Trouble with a capital T)

And although she sometimes made us eat disgusting stuff like the occasional brussel sprout or worse steak and kidney stew she did make a yummy apple pie and custard, We also had fairies in our garden and sometimes in our house.What i think i am saying is that motherhood is not easy its  not meant to be after all if it was then men could do it hehe .And raising my four boys was soooo NOT easy. But would i swap them -NO never not even for the daughter i wished upon many a star for while pregnant.Would i change them well only a tad  you see Im proud of all of them.  Maybe id make them remember to ring me more often,to judge me less and love me sometimes remember the fairies and the laughter  and all the stories ever after.For my mum who this year for the first mothers day since i was born i will not see . Just remember you are loved and when you think that all you did is forgotten know this that i shall forever remember the times both good and bad happy and sad,that you my mum were there . you have often dragged me from the depths ,of my washing when the kids were small and depression when i thought i had lost it all. I Love you to the moon and back.Happy Mothers day to mothers everywhere but especially to my mum..(caterpillar on a leaf mum)