Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I shall grow old but i shall never grow up !

I cant part with my vintage toys and books and spinning top and dice collections.They make me happy just to look at them.Like old friends as i suppose they are . What children played with these,now grown old these toys hold the memory of their childhood's in the teeth marks in the baby toys and the dog eared pages of a favourite book.Books that were main present at Xmas and treasure long after puzzle pages done and all the pictures neatly coloured in, Annuals of all kinds "The bairns Budget" Chickadees album. school days annual.The book for boys ,The book for girls.Rupert bear annuals and Mickey Mouse Annuals.Then there is miniature books and card games.Recitation books for lively evenings.There is a jar of jacks or knuckle bones including my own plastic ones (oh how i loved to play jacks) then there are lead jacks and proper bone jacksAnd dont ever forget my huge jar of dice as you can never have too many they are like cats and tassels you cant stop at one..Talking of cats a certain tiny kitten can already climb up these drawers and loves the spinning tops ( I see major trouble ahead !)Then there is a jar of vintage party tin whistles and candle holders etc noise makers and clickers that make you hanker for the simple parties of old with fairy bread and home made cake and pin the tail on the donkey.There's a mache doll given to me by an old friend and spinning tops of all kinds.There is a jar of treasures with vintage flowers etc and buttons by the scoop I love my new buffet and hutch filled with old friends enjoy your visit back to childhood ..


Junk-it Junction... said...

Love it too Jules! Shame these things arent played with anymore, it is all about the computer games and kids being entertained, not entertaining themselves!
So how ya been??

ladychiara said...

Jules I SO love your beautiful treasures! Visiting your blog always brings great pleasure and joy! :)

vivian said...

oooo.. loving all your old toys Jules! I have lots of toys too.. but mostly dolls and bears.. unfortunetly we have to get older.. but we certainly can always stay little girls at heart!
have a great sunday