Saturday, December 15, 2007

Who wants to be Normal anyway

This is it the last half of my house all christmassed up and ready
Plus the little snowmen on sticks signs i did in the little toy wagon.
The close up of my big tree where i have vintage ornaments is to show
off another button fairy.The cupies in the bowl always have santa hats
at Christmas.Even my Royal Albert teapots sprouted trees.During
this busy time of making it all Christmas i would like to say i had the
support of a loving family however this simply is not true.Neil simply
shakes his head and says that NORMAL people only have one tree (what is he trying to say here) Of course he lives in constant fear the cats will now inhale tinsel as
well as glitter.And as to Alex well he ran out front to my visitors yesterday
and as they got out of their car he said
"oh thank god you are here she is obsessive compulsive
about decorating that house i cant stand it any more
everything has to be just sooo perfect"
when my son Joel arrived they sat swapping
mums obsessive stories
It was the only thing they agreed upon all afternoon
wouldn't have been half as bad if they weren't true lol
Anyway who wants to be normal ? (well me sometimes when my obsessing wears me out)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fabulous Image site

If you want a great site then go to Digital Imagery plus
i have bought some of their fabulous collage sheets before
But visit their Website, if you have not already done so, to take advantage of their Free Vintage Image of the Day and their Free Vintage Collage Sheet of the Week.
i have a link at the side for favouites and here it is as well

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Glitter Tales

Yes its sad for Neil my glitter hating husband
but i am addicted to glitter as you would know.
German glass glitter to be exact.I dream of it i love it
and it makes so much mess its horrendous.But it has magical powers
here are some of my recent swaps for swapbot i did.the button fairies are so much fun,
I came up with the snowman signs myself arent they sweet ?I also like to present things nicely so i made the little button fairy folders to send them in.
the Atc cards were for a tag or letter in a pocket.i did Little boys pockets
hold lots of stuff and even made tiny slingshots,having four sons i cant tell you how
many of them i have confiscated over the years. Also include is alex relaxing on the lounge (a seriously weird child)thats his feet behind his head.
Also i have been making beaded tassels taught me by my old friend Carmen a sweetheart,thanks Carmen.Lastly a Valentines daY TIP IN.
Thats it and i have had hardly an sleep but lots of ideas,too many in fact.
Sometimes i wish i was Normal.

Gifts from people i have never met

Yep i have never met them yet these people are my friends.
First a long overdue thanksyou to my dear friend Kim in the U.S
Kin and i became friends during and after a blog swap for a garland
here is my bluebird garland from Kim and really its nicer than this
i ahve to tie a few back up,Its a long way all the way to Austtralia
and they grew weary in their packaging lol
Thanks Kim ,her son and my son also did their own swap.Alex was thrilled.

next is the Secret Santa swap from my gorgeous partner Linda of Raspberry Roses fame,
this was through the yahoo prettychic group im in been going for a few years we all
chat like old friends.This swap was so lovely and i thankyou from the bottom of my heart
there were vintage xmas baubles that spell out santa in embellishments,pink damask cloth,
pink egg cups and an adorable Robert gordon tea ball and holder in my fav pattern.
Hankies with my initials and a vintage napkin ring engraved with my initials.Tiny sugar hearts
and lavender tea and all things pink and beautiful.You are an angel Linda thanks.