Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I love being a Nanna

How could i not love her-she pulls my hand and tugs my heart !

She is like a little sprite so smart so sweet.

So full of light and life and love.Sophia_Rose you are my heart.

And curls oh a Grand daughter is a special thing especially after four sons.

Angel Cake for my Dad today

Its my father's Birthday today but there are no phones In heaven so i just hope he gets some Angel Cake.I never cried today instead i thought of you  my dad as i often do.I know now that people die but love never goes away.Happy birthday to a grand man who i was fortunate enough to call my Dad.

Belated posts from a bad blogger

I have been a tad slack in the blogging department this year,i have been pinteresting and reading and crafting and it has taken a back seat,A lot of blogs i love have closed i suppose its times changing etc but i love to blog and every few years i print it so i have some albums of memories.This year i have missed a few important events that need to be blogged and remembered so here they are,
Son number two Timothy turned 30 this year Wasn't he the cutest thing,

Sons number 1 and 3  Matthew and Joel took a motorbike course together and both got bikes sheesh that's 3 of 4 sons on bikes to worry about !

Way back in June god daughter Maddie had an open day at Dance

I love to watch her she is the perfect ballerina

And yes Maddie i love you to the MOON and back even.

A hoarding cat

I don't know perhaps im to blame you see i  am a collector and so is my cat.Ever since she was no bigger than a toy she has stolen, hoarded and collected things.Once a whole strand of crystals from my chandelier lamp never found one day we shall move and probably find them somewhere strange.Mainly its tiny eggs stolen from my craft supply or tops the plastic caps from children's drinks etc are her all time favourite thing. Sometimes she carries them in her mouth and puts them in her toy box so she wont lose them, other times she will put them in the sliding door track and roll them along.The other day Alex dropped something and it rolled under the fridge on his hands and knees looking for it he was astounded to find yet another hoard.It was so funny as Poppy was so excited to see her treasures again.

Crafting like a crazy woman

what happens when I'm on asthma steroids and cannot sleep i craft like a whirling dervish through the long night hours.I have made so many swaps lately for facebook craft groups and swapbot that i am amazed.Here are some of my swaps the facebook ones are near;y all ones where you must make 9 or 1o Atc cards or Tags and then you get  all different ones back and you always keep one for yourself.
These pumpkin atc cards  have a disc you turn to change his eyes .

Heart tags that have smaller tags tucked into a pocket

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Alice tag for a fairytale swap

Twinchies are 2 inches by two inches these have mica flake Santa beards and a pocket label back.

Christmas is coming or Op shop hopping

Well Happy Day for me yesterday when i ducked into my favourite Op shop (ok ok they are all my favourite how can you choose between children or Op shops) . October i have come to know is the start of the great Christmas Op shop hunt, Every year bags of decorations get put out the good the bad the down right revolting. Usually each bag contains a bit of all.Yesterday on my first hunt of the season i scored these, a few are  new most are vintage and very heavy and i sang all the way home.With me it has to be vintage and after having a family of four sons you do wonder how any ornaments outlast several childhoods.Anyway its an auspicious start to the hunting season and i haven't been this excited since i found a gang of chenille Santa's in the same shop two years ago.Anyway good luck to those on the hunt for vintage as long as you stay away from my shop.