Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fairy troubles

These are my latest atc cards for a fairy mishap swap im about to run on
swapbot.I have been running a series of fairy atc swaps starting with Fairy attire then Fairy transport and the next is Fairy trouble.I was thinking there are so many things a fairy could get into trouble with,From being stuck in a spider web to falling in someones milkshake.It was only when i went to do mine that i discovered my poor fairies were in major trouble after being caught by the acme fairy catcher and exterminator.I just loved this little guy who i altered off a vintage valentine card,He looks like such a dandy.Then i had to find the right cage and then put my altered fairies inside it.Not easy as I am creative but often mechanically challenged,i have trouble working out which way to place things so they print on opposite sides etc and with this cage it was very hard to place my poor fairies behind some bars and in front of others to create the inside effect.I am pleased how they turned out.The cage but ended up so small on the atc you couldnt even see all my fairy work inside so i will be doing a fold out atc so that they can see whats inside the cage too.By the way its okay when these fairies have had a rest im sure they will just pop out between those bars and fly off.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Latest creations

All of course much nicer in real life these are the flat images after i have finished the digital part.After that i POP things a little with diamond glaze for eyes and of course the glitter.Then i also cut wings ets to stand out from the cards.The button one is an ATC card The fairy transport is for a series of fairy Atc swaps i am hosting on swapbot.The Butterfly wing skinny (a skinny is similar to an atc but bigger being 3 inch by 5 inch i like the scope)is much nicer as i did the wings so they were cut all round and stick out from the card.The Fairy in a nest is for a swap also a skinny i was happy with this one and the wings on this will pop also and have glitter.All in all im happy with where i am in my creative journey,i always love to learn new techniques then mix them with the old .At the moment its the stand out wings before it was the pop up atc cards below which i invented myself.There is always so much to learn that you never get bored.

Happy Birthday Bluebird

My sister's Birthday is today she is Bluebird on swap bot cause like me she
loves Bluebirds. Its also my wedding Anniversary our ninth (He forgot) less said about that one the better and depend on it he shall suffer. So Happy Birthday Jennifer.
My sister and I never fight we love lots of the same things and we are different in lots of ways too.I often am grateful that i have a sister to share life with but perhaps thats cause I got a good one hehe.I remember more about her childhood than she does being 5 years older.I used to make her stuff and buy her stuff and read her stories and also make up stories for her.She always was gonna run away to a shack in the hills and she did albeit a lovely shack circa 1920 and a huge hill called Katoomba.
I dont think the husband and three sons were in that pic she had but hey tell me about it.The layout is one I did of her ages ago.