Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My new Amoire and a bedroom Floozy

Okay so some men around here say its a tatty old wardrobe missing a door and a drawer.
But when i saw this for sale on ebay from Sue at Junk it Junction i just knew i had to have it.
You know how sometimes you just know,Well anyway i knew and so it came to live at my house.
never mind i had to reshuffle you dont wanna know how many things and almost turned the house upside down.never mind that when my bed was piled with stuff( taken from the other dresser that had to be shifted to the back room) yes never mind that at 10 that night my husband said goodnight and tucked himself in the spare room bed unconcerned at the horror.Anyway now it is done and i love it.See how it goes so well with my $12 ebay bargain shelf above the bed. I do love my room now but dont you think i need antique white sidetables now.Prettychic blog that i am in had bedroom as the room of the month take a peek the link is on the sidebar.

Meet Cynthia she is my mannequin and a bit of a floozy ( I did once catch her on my bed with Neil -who insisted she fell on him while he was sweeping hmm)She is a fond reminder of my dear friend Desley who passed away last year after a hard battle with cancer.It was when she used to drive a little VW and we were out in the rain one day and spied her on the verandah of an antique store-Desley being Desley saw my eye on her and bought her for my Birthday . So there we were in the rain with a very unco operative cynthia trying to stuff her inside the vw that already had the days junking in it .Talk about funny.Anyway Cynthia is still fallng for people
she is a bit loose and i dont just mean her morals.She does like the amoire but they have a leaning arrangement already lol

My Doorway decoupage of love letters etc on the bedroom floor where the hall polished woodebn floor meets the bedroom floor which is a different wood.Makes a nice transition i think.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stair Sledding

We went to lunch (very lovely too) at my schoolfriend Angela's
as usual it was not usual.Angela has a rather steep staircase in her townhouse and
of course me being me i had to remark that i would never manage them stairs day after day
and would by now have invented a sled for the downhill trip.My DH and Ds being them had to of course have a go! Alex invented the bum sled just hands up pretend you are on a sled and go..
Neil had a few turns but not being blessed in the bum department found although fun it was quite
painful .Alex of course did it a zillion times and probably will be crippled in the morning.He even went down head first.It was cold and miserable outside but thank you Angela for hosting this rather unusual luncheon. See you can take my family anywhere ! (by the way me who started all this chose not to partake of this particular pleasure, theres something about short fat ladies and stair sledding i find quite frightening !So i contented myself with capturing the moment on my phone camera and almost wetting myself laughing)Just an add on i emailed a link to this post to my eldest of four sons
(the ringleader in their childhood escapades) this was his answer,a miracle
as usually they ignore my blog!

> Very cool - If only you still had your other 3 boys trailing around behind
> you, then we would have really made a sport of it. A jump at the end, a
> motorised sled, a rope around the waist of the boy going down the stairs
> attached to a pully system at the top that's attached to the ankle of another boy at
> the bottom....
> This is giving me ideas :
The scary thing folks is they used to do stuff just like that but thats another tale for another day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Newest Atc cards

The altered playing card below is a favorite of mine and yes my favorite bird and moon are there. this one is called childhood.

I have really enjoyed making my recent Atc cards .I finally taught myself to make a template
for pop up atc cards.You pull the tab at the top and it pops up.Now i am VERY imaginative
but not very Technically minded at all so i get so frustrated,when i can visualize what i want to make but don't know how to do it.So anyway you don't wanna know how long that simple template took me to work out. Anyhow now i can use it for many cards lol
here are some i have made .The little corset one actually laces up and guess what i had to use a NEEDLE and thread,both foreign objects to this gluing gal.The baby Atc has a removable baby in the old fashioned pram.I just love my stc cards to open or move in some way.Please click on the image and when it enlarges it is much easier to see the way they pop up.
The ones below were for a triangle atc swap on swapbot. I made glitter drop from the hand onto the little girl.
Oh the extra wings were because i 3d'd the wings on that card so when i printed it out i printed extra wings to cut out separate.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Blog Name

Well i have a new Blog name,Whimsical notions is more me.
I havent liked Jullies world as a title for ages but i thought that i would have a think first.
Whimsical notions is who i am,what i have,what i create.Its what i have always liked about creating things,you are the creator its up to you.I love to take different things and put them together and make something completely different.Some people okay don't understand it and think its a waste of time.
Well hell some people go to the moon and other people rob banks.me id rather make a whimsical notion.Just the word whimsy makes me smile. Thats it and i hope it makes me post more often.
I like to post but i like to create stuff even more and i dont just mean mess lol.
I tidy the craft room up and put everything neatly in its place
I have a making binge and the next minute
It looks like the local kindergarten broke in and trashed the place
around my chair the tide looks like it came in with tiny paper clippings and glitter always glitter
and bits of ribbon etc.My friend Carmen said the other day her husband always knows when she has been here with me as she has glitter on her. Ahh but there is worse things in this world.

Of Cats and Cakes and falling things

I had a great birthday n the 14th and on the 18th it was Neils turn

notice anything about Neils birthday cake.

The cake had a slight mishap

or more true is that the cat had the mishap and tha cake

just happened to be there.

Emmilou is allowed to sit on the servery in the kitchen

but is NOT allowed on the bench

but in her leaning forward to see what i was doing

with the cake and smell it

she lost her footing and you can see the result

she did however enjoy licking her paw

and Neil enjoyed having the print on the cake

(well he is the CAT WHISPERER !)

i enjoyed the photo for scrapping

and as long as that wasn't my piece

it was a most funny incident !

Banner i made Linda

Here is the banner i made my swap partner Linda
How pretty is that .I cant believe you can make these just with paper
and imagination.


Its been bannermania round here lately, My sister Jennifer made me the banner above that says Imagine for my craft room isnt it the sweetest. Also I was in a Prettychic banner swap
lucky me i scored Linda Of Raspberry Roses blog she sent me this super banner below saying dream . She made it specially for my sweet blue and white guest room and i hung it on the head of my 100 year old brass bed.