Sunday, July 1, 2007

Always missin them Boys

I mean just look at them,Dont they just look like they were up to something
every minute of their waking day.How cute was my Alex and blonde,that was his little Rabbit comfy blankie he was holding,hell or heaven was that rabbit,the times we scoured the house for him desperately,the trial to wash and dry him and have him back before he was missed.
Wouldnt think you could miss all that washing and all them trips to the emergency to get stitched up and put back together.The fighting and the handmarks on the wall.
Know what but ,you do !

More Wedding pics

I just love my wedding photos (not the ones of me lol)
the ones of my husband and boys
Neil thinks im weird cause i love back views Its true i do
look at this one of the best man,my husband and Alex when he was pageboy
how adorable is that.
The Two of alex as pageboy are classic Alex he never stopped talking
(cant imagine where he got that !lol)

Favourite Saying of the week

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