Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of men and the hunt (for bargains)


My husband wants to know why me (the non walker) can walk miles when hunting bargains.The same reason i told him why in the middle
of summer when he and my son collapse in the shade i can still continue
the hunt.Well i tell him these things would stop a lesser woman,but when I
suspect a SHABBY VINTAGE bargain may be mine for the finding i am unstoppable.
I think its a women gene that men seldom are given,they know what they need
(and its not shabby or vintage )they know which store its in and they go get it
and return like a dog with a ball. Us women on the other hand don't always know
what we need till we see it and then its pretty well clear.That's where the men
get confused "what are you going to use it for ?" they may ask
or worse "do you really need it?"Of course we bloody need it,an old jug just perfect for some flowers, lace gloves ,an old book.-For a long while there while training
my man he thought if it was chipped or crazed I'd love it.Pleased to say i have
trained him better now but he is still a man,so i have to just forgive him and
move on with the hunt.Today we went to the Blacktown Markets,a slight drizzle
of rain fell but my eyes were on the tables.The photo is my finds or needs today
a dish rack to display plates $2 Japanese cup $1 green patterned jug $2 made in japan
two candlesticks (painted brass) $2 cane rocking chair for a teddy $2 and my last bargain a ceramic rose motif towel ring and soap dish $1 the set wow. My man found
nothing my son a toy.There were heaps of things i needed but they were too expensive.
Stall holders seem to want nothing or antique shop prices no inbetween Ah i was exhausted but the thrill of the hunt was a wonderful thing.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Favourite vintage pic

Love like you have never been hurt,

Sing like there is nobody listening,

And live like its Heaven on earth.

Mark Twain

Monday, April 16, 2007

A very funny memory

Hey i was just remembering once when Alex was about 6
he said to me one day ,
"remember when you were little and the Americans hadn't invented colour yet"
I said oh colour Television ?"
"No" he said "just colour you know was the sky black or white ?"

another time my third son Joel asked what god looked like
after a little spiel from me in the vein of
"well no one knows what he really looks like ,hes everywhere in everything"
"No" he insisted "when you saw him what did he look like"
"well i havent actually seen him" I said
He looked at me disgusted , sighed and said "You know when god helped dad and you to make me what did he look like then"
that's when the penny dropped,you see when he asked how you got babies
i had said well god helps the mummy and the daddy to love each other special and a baby grows".He was very young !
Then i realized he had a picture in his head of god standing in our bedroom helping.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


I made this a while ago and still love it, Joel gave me birthday money and i bought really nice roses to make myself a large wreath,complete with real birds nest (my boys always found me birds nests to put in out christmas tree,Victorians thought they brought good luck.)


We bought this from a recycle yard,pulled out of an old house we built our kitchen around it,I bought new nobs shaped like little cast iron birds from a man in Baltimore.It still retains the original ice chests inside and i display heaps on top of it.Its a definite favourite.

Actually on the top pict where you can see only a bit of it you see it pre restoration-love those orange nobs.That and the plate pic were part of the magazine layout done on out house 1st issue of country living ideas.

Timothy My second son and maniac

Hmm and here's Timothy a boy only a mother could love,
He really is a nice boy ,well man now but if there is ADHD
it is personified in my TIM,Heres the sort of picture he sends to me
now he doesn't live at home and i Can't send him to his room for risking
his life.

Proof "Things dont' always go better with coke"

also heres Jye with Josh below when i said "make faces to scare the fairies" (mission accomplished boys !)
and also a pic to show how handsome they really are (above),they are my sweet,smart and very funny nephews Joshua and Jye

I took these a while back and love them,if this isnt a face only an Aunty Doody
could love ,Yep thats right the oldest couldnt say Jullie so forever after i have been Doody.I took a series of these pics each face more horrid and evil than before as i kept saying oh yes thats it I like that face for my scrap book ,he got so angry that i refused to be upset by the faces it was hysterical.i of course scrapped these with the title
Proof "Things dont't always go better with coke"

Friday, April 13, 2007

MySpace Layouts

My new shabby Chic Chair

Here is my latest ebay bargain $12 and worth the re-arranging frenzy it set off.

Met the loveliest lady who i bought it off and she is selling me another same price.

I didnt know i needed it till i fell in love with this one.How sweet does it look in my rose room.

Roses and lightpulls

Shannon from my prettychic yahoo group came

to visit today she brought me lovely roses and her sweet son Sam

who was fascinated by my pull light switches,he is an expert now !

Shannon was just like she seems on line -Lovely !

Not bad for a Friday 13th not bad at all.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Pretty chic swap

This morning yep That's right Friday the 13th shannons visit day i let the cat out and there all damp was a pink parcel i knew straight away Mandii it was from you -sitting in its pinkness upon my porch I squealed, i was a looney get the camera neil i cant open it till i have the camera So here it is and thanks you Mandii all packaged beautifully of course as one of any of us would ribbons tissue and a lovely card ,Rose hand made candles (Looooove these) coasters (how did you know i needed these) roses and angel upon them A vintage bird statue perfect colours however did you give it up and a rose china trio perfect and i love it all

Zangy Comment Graphics

Monday, April 9, 2007

Just some thinking on a nothing type day

Today was a nothing type day ,you know nothing special yet kinda lazy and nice.

Those days dont come that often and after all we have been through they are nice.

But it got me to thinking about the past and how much i miss those grown up boys of mine,

and how much life happens while you are sittin around making other plans.

I had a good childhood it wasnt perfect I had a disease (perthes)spent months in hospital

had little friends at the crippled childrens school who died and so very young it was apparant to

me that the world wasnt such a safe place,My mother made us picnics on our front lawn

and gave us fairies and dreams to keep us happy and i was.I can remember thinking

(with a caliper all up my leg) i must be the luckiest little girl alive.I saw other families and

i was glad i had mine,my mum and dad,Brothers and my sister who i still love more than life.Anyway i think i tried to give

that to my sons that magic and its what i still try to do,Children who come here must

check the fairy teapot for a fairy present.I guess i realise you are only little and have that magic for such a short time.Now my friends children who are grown will say to me i loved your house remember the fairy pot.Anyway all of this made me wonder is that why i buy all these old toys

are my sister and i buying back our childhood.Mostly i suppose i do what my mum did

when she was broke she would buy pretty sheets and make us curtains fit for princesses.

I decided to make my little cottage into what i dream and so i am words so there are words here

on the walls on the floor and there are books and there is love (and cat hair)

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Here is my easter mantle with egg swag across the firescreen

only did an easter display cause my prettychic friends shamed me with their easter madness

I think the rabbit

standing is quite old anyone know ?

Emmi-lou a sweety to us a bitch to whoever she doesnt choose to love

dumped as a baby we syringe fed her for weeks she wsnt old enough to lap

she as does Avalon prefer Neil my husband i am dirt beneath their feline feet.

my cats

Avalon Darkmoon the quiet sweetheart blind in one eye lives indoors
Hobby eating Favourite past time eating Vice Eating


This frame had yukky flowers in it I knew they were so gone,yanked em ou and have just little paste brooches and clips and a few cameos my dad mounted for me.The tiny perfume bottle was bought for my 16th birthday
off my mum and dad its petite point with a tiny funnel.

my vinnies vases

These Two vases the one on the Table and one

on my Phonograph were from the thrift shop (vinnies)

one last week one this week and i love the way they were filthy dirty

and i just come spray with shower cleaner in them and they sparkle.

The roses too were from vinnies in the smaller vase

total cost $3 big one which is sooo heavy and $1 small one roses an extra 50 cents

Monday, April 2, 2007

Box brownies

Dad once gave these pigeon holes to neil for his shed

they were so not going in the shed.

depression glass

my royal albert in plate pantry

My Plate pantry

This was my brilliant idea built across a corner

The door is an old front door because i wanted to be able to see in

like a giant china cabinet.Dust free i love this it has a light and i have

decoupaged old seed catalogues on the floor.I really need a couple more one for old books another for old toys etc etc

By the way before you ask the cups Have stayed that way for 7 years (apart from a washing)no falls

My teeny bags

I have a bag thing tapestry,teeny tiny useless bags i adore em i have two hangers

like this in my room to display them i need more.

My Dresser

My Dresser is from the 1920's it has slide out jewellery drawers
the smaLLER chest in the middle is from my son matt and his girlfriend.

My Queen Mary Trunk

Chris's parents joan and Peter are also dear friends of ours and they gave me a trunk

that Petes father built when the queen Mary was being outfitted as a troop ship,

some of the wood that was taken out he made a trunk with,and so it comes to me and i love it

put stuff in it (xmas pressies) display stuff on it i really love it.

My bed net which survives the cat and the husband

That tray goes on the bed everyday even when no one is here it makes me happy
if the tray isnt on the bed then i am in a dark mood.

My bedroom i love my doorway decoupage the best

When i was searching for something to hide the way our floor changes colour in our bedroom from the hall , a friend came to visit and brought me a gorgeous book with old love letters

hearts and envelopes,I adored it and by midnight it was pasted securely to my floor,several coats of varnish later and 6 years and i still love it.Chris my friend didnt mind i think she wasnt

even suprised,she has known me a long time and loves me anyway-thanks Chris.

And sewing paraphenalia darning mushrooms old buttons

I am by nature a gluer and a tacker but not a sewer but old buttons remind me of my
mothers button jar,so mysterious,so wonderfull.

and old books with embossed spines love em

I even

read em

and Scottie dogs dont forget them cute scotte dogs