Friday, April 22, 2011

I miss you Easter Bunny !

Oh it used to be so very sweet
the bunny tracks along the floor
up the wall and out the door,
The excitement of the bunny hunt
out in the garden and up the tree
Easter eggs for lunch and tea !
The early morning wake up call,
the pounding feet along the hall.
The fights about who found what
and look how many eggs he got !
The ones that melted in the heat
or those squashed by errant feet.
The easter hat parades you won
made by me those hats were fun.
Now my Easters  pass so quietly
No bunny comes to visit me,
My babes are all grown to men
But oh boys i remember when
Somebunny loves you forget it never
at Christmas,at  Easter, always ,ever !

Jullie Dodds 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easters on its way !

STAND UP EASTER CARD vintage inspired 3d cut and mica flakes.
Been crafting up a small storm at my small craft desk in my small craft corner of my small bedroom.
Running theme here, Actually I'm very happy as i sit at my oak secretaire and create,I used to have a whole craft room which it hurt to leave.But i have what i need here and i am happy.Everything is at arms reach and my clip it up saves the day so i am lucky.i HAVE EVEN managed to fit my small noticeboard with craft  on it as well as a little chest if drawers which i use for fav craft items swaps and supplies.
Bought this template online you print cut and embellish

Ahh will the real Poppy please stand up\And not on my lounge !
don't be fooled by the Innocent who me expression.
she is a nutter a real nutter and sweet as a poppy/

here is a card i made inspired by a vintage Easter card \it is embellished by stickles and mica flakes.

Atop this slimboy sits whatever treasures make me happy,
A mannequin whose tag proclaims
 Her name is Mary has been a fav of mine.A smaller mannequin
 whose letters proclaim endures,
To remind me that i have endured.
$2 store tin boxes overflowing with french seam binding
 cause that makes me happy and fav swaps.
This little space helps me create and makes me smile,

here is a small noticeboard for fav atc swaps etc
i think i am a master of small spaces

My clip it up is hiding in the corner and atop m,y step ladder
no space wasted here folks.

This vintage oak secretaire is my craft corner
it has many hidey holes and they are used to capacity
all at arms length i love it
when i am finished it closes up and is a neat little secretaire.
just awaiting my next project.

gotta love seam binding vintage and french,The tiny hatbox proclaims blingage on its lid
stick on diamante and pearls lie within.

Easter Decorations -Bunnies are breeding on top of my dining room slimboy.
             the small sitting bunny was made by an english friend met online (thanks Daisy)
vi ntage style feather Easter tree with German decorations/

i collect tiny tin candy container eggs this year i found some vintage style new ones arent they sweet.

I have made a few Easter baskets and some vintage inspired cards,I decorated my vintage style feather tree with tiny German ornaments and vintage Easter picks

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maddie turns 3 and Dora was there !

 and there and there and well you get the idea Dora the intrepid explorer was everywhere ! On balloons on the cake in the fiesta type atmosphere and in every gift Maddie received and was thrilled with almost,She had a Dora cake and i made the cake bunting my first and so cute,her mum made the cake and it was delicious so said the children as the path was eaten and the grass was licked off fingers.There was fairy bread fit for a princess and pass the parcel .Maddie was happy if a little over awed as one should be on ones third birthday.Ooh and don't tell anyone but there is a boyfriend involved so sweet,There was also pin the mask on dora and balloon lanterns all around.

Cake Bunting-gotta love it

Not every day a god daughter turns 3 if only her gram my friend Desley could have been with us to share it,I'm sure she was looking down smiling as our little girl turned magically from two to three,

OOh the boyfriend !..


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I shall grow old but i shall never grow up !

I cant part with my vintage toys and books and spinning top and dice collections.They make me happy just to look at them.Like old friends as i suppose they are . What children played with these,now grown old these toys hold the memory of their childhood's in the teeth marks in the baby toys and the dog eared pages of a favourite book.Books that were main present at Xmas and treasure long after puzzle pages done and all the pictures neatly coloured in, Annuals of all kinds "The bairns Budget" Chickadees album. school days annual.The book for boys ,The book for girls.Rupert bear annuals and Mickey Mouse Annuals.Then there is miniature books and card games.Recitation books for lively evenings.There is a jar of jacks or knuckle bones including my own plastic ones (oh how i loved to play jacks) then there are lead jacks and proper bone jacksAnd dont ever forget my huge jar of dice as you can never have too many they are like cats and tassels you cant stop at one..Talking of cats a certain tiny kitten can already climb up these drawers and loves the spinning tops ( I see major trouble ahead !)Then there is a jar of vintage party tin whistles and candle holders etc noise makers and clickers that make you hanker for the simple parties of old with fairy bread and home made cake and pin the tail on the donkey.There's a mache doll given to me by an old friend and spinning tops of all kinds.There is a jar of treasures with vintage flowers etc and buttons by the scoop I love my new buffet and hutch filled with old friends enjoy your visit back to childhood ..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trip to China

Well my China that is in my China display cupboard this one has Imagine on its drawer and sits next to my Kitchen.


 First floor Royal Albert Moonlight roses-
Second floor yet more Moonlight Roses plus
A nao girl with bluebird a gift from my son number two Tim.As well as two bluebird shakers and a vintage cup proclaiming love the giver (and i do thanks Linda)
Third Floor Vintage glassware including Pink depression glass and'
my favourite pink glass compote stand,Open salts and vintage glass Jelly molds. Royal Albert teapot which
every Christmas sprouts its very own tree.Brambly hedge miniature cups.
Finally down in the basement we have a set of vintage Maling lustreware sundae cups given to me by a friend.Tiny hummel Angel i found at the op shop and a Winnie the Pooh schilling tea set i just had to have once for no known reason.Also an assortment of memories and odds and ends
That concludes our trip to china. Next stop vintage toys.