Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easters on its way !

STAND UP EASTER CARD vintage inspired 3d cut and mica flakes.
Been crafting up a small storm at my small craft desk in my small craft corner of my small bedroom.
Running theme here, Actually I'm very happy as i sit at my oak secretaire and create,I used to have a whole craft room which it hurt to leave.But i have what i need here and i am happy.Everything is at arms reach and my clip it up saves the day so i am lucky.i HAVE EVEN managed to fit my small noticeboard with craft  on it as well as a little chest if drawers which i use for fav craft items swaps and supplies.
Bought this template online you print cut and embellish

Ahh will the real Poppy please stand up\And not on my lounge !
don't be fooled by the Innocent who me expression.
she is a nutter a real nutter and sweet as a poppy/

here is a card i made inspired by a vintage Easter card \it is embellished by stickles and mica flakes.

Atop this slimboy sits whatever treasures make me happy,
A mannequin whose tag proclaims
 Her name is Mary has been a fav of mine.A smaller mannequin
 whose letters proclaim endures,
To remind me that i have endured.
$2 store tin boxes overflowing with french seam binding
 cause that makes me happy and fav swaps.
This little space helps me create and makes me smile,

here is a small noticeboard for fav atc swaps etc
i think i am a master of small spaces

My clip it up is hiding in the corner and atop m,y step ladder
no space wasted here folks.

This vintage oak secretaire is my craft corner
it has many hidey holes and they are used to capacity
all at arms length i love it
when i am finished it closes up and is a neat little secretaire.
just awaiting my next project.

gotta love seam binding vintage and french,The tiny hatbox proclaims blingage on its lid
stick on diamante and pearls lie within.

Easter Decorations -Bunnies are breeding on top of my dining room slimboy.
             the small sitting bunny was made by an english friend met online (thanks Daisy)
vi ntage style feather Easter tree with German decorations/

i collect tiny tin candy container eggs this year i found some vintage style new ones arent they sweet.

I have made a few Easter baskets and some vintage inspired cards,I decorated my vintage style feather tree with tiny German ornaments and vintage Easter picks


Junk-it Junction... said...

Well youre a busy little bee arent you!! Love the decs around your small home especially on your slimboy!

Lynne said...

I love the Vintage Card! How do you stay so organised! I am in a constant mess always

Lorelle said...

In photos your home looks gorgeous but now that I've seen it the photos don''t do it justice. Jullie its beautiful. So many beautiful pieces and you have put it together with your usual magical touch. Its so pretty. The next time I visit I will have to bring Maddie as she will absolutely love it. Those little chocolate gluten free cakes wern't bad either. I was very good to only eat one, wasn't I. hehe.

vivian said...

all sweet stuff ! I LOVE that tiny little brown bunny ornament with the little blue jacket and red scarf! How stinking cute that is!
You look like youre all ready for easter!
It'll be here and gone before we know it!
happy Easter

Mom of 2 Roses said...

I love your baskets and everything else!! You always use your space so wisely!! I will also have to have a small space, in the small corner of my small bedroom when I get the go ahead that I can move in. Your place is so nice Jules! Well done!!