Saturday, February 25, 2012

PURVEYOR OF DREAMS and other fine things !


. via Pinterest
Ahh readers there is evil out there ,There are those that fear the internet for its lewd sites and its users with evil intent,Lurking beneath its surface though is a hereto unrecognized threat-the dream weaver,the wish spinner-the cause of malcontent with what we have and what we can locally obtain. Im talking google image here and ebay and etsy and all the blogs with houses and bedrooms etc far nicer than yours.They sew the seeds of ideas. Ideas which, when someone is already a dreamer and a decorator and a crafter are dangerous things in the right hands (oh my friend i cannot express or emphasize this enough) ,.The latest of these evil threats (which i took to like a duck out of water) is Pinterest .they say its an online pinboard but its sooo much more its a purveyor of everyone elses dreams and that is a terrible sorry i mean wonderful thing,
..take these examples via Pinterest

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See what i mean lovely but not in the same league !
 see without this dream from Pinterest would i have known that i NEEDED and badly that tulle bed skirt.Or that at the price i would never own one,I did however manage after a world wide search to find a pink $32 one which of course didn't sell to Australia so then i had to join my US get a us address and have them re-send it to me now making it a $60 bed skirt but still i am happy with it ,It is however NOT the gorgeous fluffy zillion dollar one shown here.Nor is my bed outside with the chandelier.It is upstairs in my two bedroom apartment (unit ,flat depending on how tidy it is at the time) Sooo are you getting the danger part here,But don't you just love the dream anyway !
. Would i have known that these drawers i hadn't a hope of fitting anywhere or paying the Ebay $7000 price tag existed, Would my heart have jumped anyway with a yearning i could never fill.Oh but how i could have filled those drawers leaving some open to glimpse the treasures inside,
Ahh I'm convinced heaven must be pink and aqua

Would i have known that i adore and i mean ADORE Pink and aqua together
which sent me into a frenzy of wanting pink and aqua cushions for my bed, Who knew how hard it is to find aqua anything,
i found the most gorgeous shades of it in cushion covers on etsy in brocade i super adore them
\(and im not discussing how much i paid) and then managed to find another in the right aqua shade from ebay in Australia and a pink rose cushion to top it off,And all because i stole someone elses dream and made it my own,
my pink and aqua brocade cushions

.y via pinterest
And no i cant blame Pinterest for this one i already thought of this one but isn't it lovely
 see what i mean
Dreams for Sale
courtesy of google images

 Seeing the light Yet !!
Getting the picture (and oh what a dreamy confection it is hehe)
wanna buy the dream
on Pinterest sometimes you can
I clicked on this dream and it took me
to a clever lady on Madeit and you can buy this dream for only $20 and how cheap is that for a dream.
I aim to get these soon.(im so bad im worried i will buy them for my grand daughter and keep them for myself on my dressing table)
so now you know the awful truth and you can be alert to the hazards of stealing other peoples dreams and making them your own,Of picturing that dream in your head and  having to accept the portion of it that can be yours.Of knowing that the $32 tulle bed skirt which however lovely (and really cost $60) was never going to look like the zillion dollar one you fell in love with and will never have.
So now you have been warned and during this whole post i bet you have zipped off to look at a dream or two.No matter= some people will just not be helped.


Linda J. said...

What a delightfully delicious post to wake to on a Sunday - grab all the dreams you can and make them your own (albeit you may have to adapt them to time, finances and circumstances.

Dream on sweet lady.


shabbypinkchick said...

Wonderful post sweet Julles. I dream too but do not have your imagination to grab those dreams and make them my own.

Junk-it Junction... said...

I hear you loud and clear...I drooled all over the screen when I saw those drawers the first time,and all I do is dream and create in my head these days! If I went with all that I loved , I wouldnt be able to afford a home to keep it in!
Love the tule skirt,does it matter how much it cost if you love it? I didnt think so!

Lorelle said...

pinterest... what can I say. I have only had a quick look, can't wait to go back there. I'm so glad that others are so generous with their time and with sharing their dreams/images so that they can inspire us/me too. Love it. You are an inspirational person too. Your art/craft and your home are just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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