Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year-Welcome 2010

Farewell 2009 No you werent all bad there were flashes of real happiness ,
My mother was diagnosed and went through treatment for breast cancer.My Aspergers son made it through year 10 which i would not have thought possible a few years ago,Two of my sons moved to Canberra and my eldest and his wonderful partner bought their first home.One son got a promotion and we all made it through.The end of a decade is a funny kind of thing,makes you realize what happens in 10 short years,We have lost two fathers which changes you,been to hell and back on the aspergers rollercoaster,
I lost a good friend to cancer,Battled with my own demons of weight and worry and crafted my little heart out.I found the internet and blogging and swapbot all of which changed my life completely and at times saved it too.Ten years one decade is all it took for three of my babies to turn into men and fly away.Ten years is all it took to take my husband from a bachelor to a father and a husband and to family life somewhat resembling malcolm in the middle(but much much better decorated and i am far sweeter than her).Ten years and now they too are gone.What do the next ten hold-a good thing we do not know i think.We step forward into 2010 nay we dance through its doorway and await the wonder.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Radio Flyer wagon ride

When my God daughter and her brother made their Christmas visit it was time to drag out my Red Radio Flyer wagon (a Christmas gift from hubby last year) I had seen an old Christmas movie that involved a Radio flyer wagon and wanted one ever since,So all year long it houses the toys i have for visitors children to play with and at xmas it becomes the bearer of the presents.They had fun being pulled around the yard by Neil and they looked adorable.Ahh childhoods days are short but oh the memories of them are long.I hope this is a good one for them.By the way do you think Maddison liked her dolly stroller.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crafting at the cottage

Well its been busy here crafting at the cottage and wrapping and fighting the sticky tape and losing the scissors and my patience.I love to sit at my desk and make little Christmas extras.I am working on the Christmas day table favors.This year i am using little back boxes with giant silver snowflakes on them and chocolates inside.
I have also been making a few Cup of tree presents i place tiny trees inside odd sweet teacups and decorate to my friends taste.So sweet also made this tiny tablescape isn't it the sweetest the silver glass glittered word is memories.My photography is not doing anything justice.The little Christmas door i saw in a craft magazine and knew i had to make.

Now surprises is a christmas swap from my partner nic who lives in a barn in western Australia.Thanks for all my treasures nic and the super gorgeous trims and Nicoles daughter Angel made me a darling paper lantern ahh a crafting blogger of the future !

Also a gorgeous pink and white swap with a vintage girly feel is my present from Lisa Hessabi (Lisa Laughs blog)my friend from California.All vintage trims and velvet yoyos and a mini shadowbox no wonder i love Lisa.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yes Virginia i do believe !

I wanted to make my boys a special Christmas card this year. So i took a vintage photograph of three little boys and cloned another then added my boys heads and Santa hats- I'm liking it. Guess i miss those yearly Santa pics.I always miss them
now that they are mostly grown and have their own lives (and motor bike for one ugh don't get me started and God please protect him !)At Christmas though i miss them most.
I know i know its the way of things and as it should be but try telling that to my mother heart.Christmas morning SHOULD start at 5am and should contain noise and mess and yes even a little disappointment amidst the cavalcade and cacophony.These days however there is only Neil and i and Alex who at 16 does not think its cool to LIKE anything.Thank goodness for my sisters boys whom i love dearly and my little god daughter and her brother.Because you know what, YES VIRGINIA i do believe !