Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cupboard love or shelf dreams


okay okay we established that even in a small apartment (unit ,flat) that i am no minimalist.Even i know however in order to have my things and decorate and still maintain some feeling of space i have to be organized and tidy.I love nothing better than decorating arranging rearranging etc and now that all my furniture is in it has been a joy to me.First thing i did was get some wall words you know like big letraset stickers peel and stick .I however am renting so i put these on the drawers below my three display cupboards.The words on each drawer say dream .believe and imagine.I bought these cupboards because they are so versatile wherever i move in the future they can become a china cabinet -a linen press-a bookcase which they are now,They could easily become a wardrobe a pantry a craft cupboard.So o think i did the right thing.There is no linen cupboard here so i have the  linen in my wardrobe this display cupboard means the quilts and white linen and lace and small decorative items can be stored here while looking beautiful.I have put lace along the shelves in the linen one and sweet smelling sachets.i love its its peaceful and calming.

.love the miracle bottle $2 whole dollars.I have some small vintage baby items in here as well.

you have to love vintage lace all crisp and white.The love tin houses sewing things,
 Dream wall word

 Box of candles bought on sale cant bear to use
A baby romper sits with spare bedcushions/

Spare Quilts and yes a spare kitty who loved the open door she usually just looks in.
.That concludes the linen cupboard tour next up is the bookcase.


Kathy said...

Oh so pretty, beautiful photos...specially the kitty at the end.

Junk-it Junction... said...

She is too cute!
Love your collections!

whymsicalmusings said...

SWOON SWOON!!! Just gorgeous! Wish my shelves looked so crisp and clean:)Everything about this screams SWOON I WANT THAT!

Whimsicalnotions said...

hehe thanks Becky i myself think it screams "No man lives here" The other day no jokje i stood admiring this room and thought what does it remind me of and then i though ..,oh yeah a gift shop hehe.