Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trip to China

Well my China that is in my China display cupboard this one has Imagine on its drawer and sits next to my Kitchen.


 First floor Royal Albert Moonlight roses-
Second floor yet more Moonlight Roses plus
A nao girl with bluebird a gift from my son number two Tim.As well as two bluebird shakers and a vintage cup proclaiming love the giver (and i do thanks Linda)
Third Floor Vintage glassware including Pink depression glass and'
my favourite pink glass compote stand,Open salts and vintage glass Jelly molds. Royal Albert teapot which
every Christmas sprouts its very own tree.Brambly hedge miniature cups.
Finally down in the basement we have a set of vintage Maling lustreware sundae cups given to me by a friend.Tiny hummel Angel i found at the op shop and a Winnie the Pooh schilling tea set i just had to have once for no known reason.Also an assortment of memories and odds and ends
That concludes our trip to china. Next stop vintage toys.

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