Saturday, November 12, 2011

Childhood Places-Magical Spaces Come fly away !!

When i was young (and yes even now) i would see tree houses and sigh, A tree house is a childhood place
but it takes a grown up child to imagine and create those magical spaces.Its not just tree houses oh no its forests and pathways where you just know that a dream has come to life and you are glad in your heart you got a peek.
I have created my own dreams at times inside the places i have made my homes.The pictures below tugged at my heart ,they snagged at my spirit and they took me away on wild little flights of fancy.
I have saved these on my computer at different times so i cannot credit those who are responsible for such beauty (except to say to you  all that whatever souls are made of yours and mine are the same !)
Just follow me along the path-

You have to love  a castle and a tree house combined.

Watch your step and bring a wrap it can get chilly out !

Pygmies did someone say pygmies !!

I do believe Fairies reside here !

Getting tired lets stop for tea !
{photo from Style Me Pretty, by Gia Canali}

Friday, November 11, 2011

A good story lives forever

It makes you laugh it makes you cry,It takes you away so you may fly.
So was the series that was Harry Potter,The children of Harry Potter grew up with my son Alex and he and i shared their adventures avidly.It was magic on a grand scale and it was all there for the taking,From Harrys room beneath the stairs to hanging candles in the great hall at Hogwartz we shall never forget it.
Now my son has the DVDs and if he wants to watch the very first he says to me" no mum you will only cry." And i do because just like my little boys they have all grown up in the blink of an eye,
The Harry potter books gave a whole generation of children a thirst for reading and thats the most magical thing of all.I watched this video below and yes i cried alot.Get your tissues.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its beginnning to look a lot like christmas

Aah so crafting Christmas has begun and its spreading its mess and glitter all over my apartment.
i have only a little space in this place to craft and I'm afraid the overflow knock on effect is vast hehe,
Here are a few things i have recently made and more to come have made the most darling Christmas doors inspired by some i have seen on my blog travels.For now i have done up a few plain hatboxes this year for special friends and here is the first already in Queensland with Cheryl who took it home when she was down to await opening on Christmas morning.
Here it is dressed in its bow !

love my cuttlebug sowflakes with bling in the centres
add heartwarming vintage stickers and graphic 45 christmas past papers and im happy.

OMG however did you sneak in my little Poppy
Asleep on her bunny in her wagon with my cupboard behind that says Dream...
Just too adorable not to share !.