Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas has Arrived

Okay the tides has come in on the christmas spew (meaning its all clean until the backroom,which is still unfinished) i will post pics of my vintage decs on my roseroom tree here so far is
this is the little china cabinet top village i adore the little battery operated
lemax moon that glows blue above the village trees.

the tiny snowman tree woth snowmen i made and glass glittered
its on kitchen servery

Bad picture of a cute tree
tiny tree on my bedroom chest
the lidded container i am filling with more pink decs as soon as i find them

in main lounge is my toywagon tree
its just a little tree sits near the front door at the double doors
leading to my rose room

okay here we have my button tree i have lights in it this year no use
trying to show the little buttons but they are there on the ends of the branches
evey year it sits in my hatbox rescued from the local dump years ago.(to the horror of my boys)

next is my christmas village in the daytime
this year only the tiny one and peta your house is in my village
there are people making phone calls polar bears and girls playing hopscotch
stay away my little cats (actually my two cats are angels with my decs)

This is the little cupboard near from my front door


Our Prim Nest said...

beautiful trees...Christmas time i here. Time for christmas carols, christmas crafts and more more glitter.....

cherub*wishes said...

Hi Jules!! Love your decorations :) Toywagon tree is tooo cute!!
Have a great weekend ~
Hugs, Dionne

Sue said...

Hi Jules, they are all gorgeous, and I too love the wagon, but the hat box works for me, especially since it was saved from the tip!

Laurie said...

Jullie you have some beautiful things. But I always tell you that. I would love to go shopping in your house!! lol!


Cherub Kisses Boutique said...

I received your Christmas card today ;o)
You are the absolute sweetest most thoughtful person!!! You know how to put a smile on my day!!
Visit me soon ... I know I'm a nut & can't make up my mind where the heck I should be...LOL!!
{{{Hugs all the way from the United States of America}}}