Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lanterns for my Christmas table

Every year i have a theme for christmas. One year it may be stars another brown paper to wrap presents. One year about 20 years ago i had seen in American country living tiny walnut shells painted gold- hinged and with tiny charms inside at each place setting, so that year i did the same and they were so sweet.Another year I did mini chocolate boxes at each place.
Well here is this years theme lanterns
I bought them very brightly coloured ,lime green pink and blue
although i loved the bright colours for me i wanted a posher atmosphere.(you may not know but am a very posh person)
so I am using these as my basis for my christmas settings ,
I saw some in a magazine once (and we wonder why husbands must hate those mags) one at each place setting with its tealight burning and
a tag attatched to the handle indicated place names and i instantly loved them.Ever since i havent seen any small enough or cheap enough (okay im posh and cheap) to buy at least 8 and in the end i bought 10 as they were $2 each and i thought now they are cream ,They could be used anytime i want.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love them! We'll have to start calling you the Posh princess....fitting! I've been in the glitter and the paint. Painting ornaments. Come look at my blog at some of them.



well thats not fair because mine are still yukky red and lime green :(

BUT i do think yours turned out sooo pretty Miss POSHO.

(heee hee)



Julles, they look gorgeous. Shannon told me about the glitter & guess what! She's just bought tons of it for her & I. Could be interesting. Nothing like a bit of sparkle in your life eh.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Alex Hughes said...

I just love your lanterns and it is a fabulous idea. Guess what? Hope you don't mind me stealing the idea, I am off hunting for mini lanterns tomorrow!

Bye, Alex

Mrs Frizz said...

I'm a big Christmas fan myself and I love this idea.

Thank you for sharing.