Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas has spewed it mess all over my house

Yep I have been decorating like a woman possessed,well i am a woman possessed.
My husband and son hate to do any helping as they say im way too fussy.
Well you know if it isnt in the centre or something clashes with something else.
I always say if men had a chance they would be happy in a shack with a mud floor a huge screen Tv and a great stereo system.Unfortunately they have us and therein lies the problem.
Anyway busy busy .
Only the end of November and not only did i make the christmas cards i wrote in addressed and posted them.Drumroll here please,big band and a medal.To get to the title of this post,you bring in the tree and the boxes and bags and you undo all the paper and and and there you have it,Christmas spews all over your house.Well im still mopping it up when i have i will take pics of my Christmas decor.I mean its bad i went out today and i was so disappointed no one broke in and cleaned up.Me i have better stuff to do ,like make fairy doors for a swap im hosting on swapbot.
But tomorrow, tomorrow i want to make my house beautiful and magical (lots of shimmery shred Neil,oh boy he hates shred almost as bad as glitter) what can you do its the magic- that shred is (tinsel strips cant think of their name).


cherub*wishes said...

Sounds fun!!! Can't wait to see pictures ;o)
I am too the same way things must be just right ... boys get irritated (so this year I'm going to let them do it their way ***smiles*** )

Dolly said...

I am the same way about decorating...everything has to be so so!
Hubby helps drag out all the totes and then lets me loose to do the rest!

I can't wait to see what you have been up to!
Bring on the pictures girl! :-)

Miss ya,
Hugz, Dolly

Our Prim Nest said...

Cant wait to see it. BOYS BOYS, what to do with them. Gotta love them.

Bax said...

Half the fun of the decorating is dragging it all out, making a mess and then putting it all together so that it's PERFECT! Can't wait to see some pics!