Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gifts from people i have never met

Yep i have never met them yet these people are my friends.
First a long overdue thanksyou to my dear friend Kim in the U.S
Kin and i became friends during and after a blog swap for a garland
here is my bluebird garland from Kim and really its nicer than this
i ahve to tie a few back up,Its a long way all the way to Austtralia
and they grew weary in their packaging lol
Thanks Kim ,her son and my son also did their own swap.Alex was thrilled.

next is the Secret Santa swap from my gorgeous partner Linda of Raspberry Roses fame,
this was through the yahoo prettychic group im in been going for a few years we all
chat like old friends.This swap was so lovely and i thankyou from the bottom of my heart
there were vintage xmas baubles that spell out santa in embellishments,pink damask cloth,
pink egg cups and an adorable Robert gordon tea ball and holder in my fav pattern.
Hankies with my initials and a vintage napkin ring engraved with my initials.Tiny sugar hearts
and lavender tea and all things pink and beautiful.You are an angel Linda thanks.

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Our Prim Nest said...

Thanks for the lovely post. You have become a dear friend and have hopes of meeting one day. Please do fix the poor blue birds who tried to take flight in the mail. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Kim