Saturday, November 3, 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas

Well at least to Neils undiminshing horror its snowing glitter in our office.
Well he likes to call if office but we all KNOW its a craft room. Here are my latest things im working on I do have at least a zillion projects on the boil.
And look at all that glass glitter
the frog prince and the pumpkin coach are
for Fairytale inspired swap im hosting on swapbot
they are hang tags the gingerbread man is for a swap too
the snowmen heads are drying
The huge musical ball Is from Vinnies (the goodwill) and was a huge satiny mess
it plays lovely real musicbox music not todays battery crap.
the lady looked at me like i must be desperate and it cost me $1
here is the before and after
i ended up decoupaging then sealing it then rolling in glass glitter
oooh the mess but now its all done i like it and it will live here forever (which is a very very long time) in my christmas collection,


Laurie said...

Jullie they are beautiful things you made. I really like the prince frog and the Christmas ball. My talented friend!!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love that Christmas ball! I would hang on to that one too!


and i am feeling quite special because i have seen that Chrissy Ball in real life and let me tell you ladies ITS GORGEOUS !

Julles you are the Queen of Glass Glitter.
I bow to you.

The Rose Cottage said...

Hi Jules,
Thank you for visiting my blog :) I am in love with yours already and I have barely read all of it. I love your tussie mussies, which I keep saying "I want to make one, or two, or three" and I never get around to it.
I love your glittery stuff, but you know I am using Mika flakes and it really makes me sneeze, so i don't know if I will use much.
I want to read and post more and am bookmarking you to come back, your blog is fun to read :)