Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gingerbread men take over

They are not just breeding folks they are moving- i kid you not.
One moment they were happy in their vintage mixing bowl
(neil wasnt as usually our fruit lives there lol)
the next they demanded vintage box accomodation
I ask you where will it end ?Will i wake up to find a gingerbread man
in my bed ,and worse if i did would i like him and get rid of Neil.
The plot thickens (like gingerbread mix) i will keep you updated !



PMSL as long as they dont start jumping out from behind couches wielding knives and saying "Hi im Gingy, wanna play?"

ooooooh nasty.

Our Prim Nest said...

They look so cute, i have to get a collection going ... the gingerbread man atc has me addicted to these little brown men :)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Cute! LOL! That Shannon and her doll fears! LOL!

Peta said...

I love gingerbread men, too me they aren't dolls, more like biscuits!
Now, dolls...*shudder*

cherub*wishes said...

Jules!!! You Rock!!!
Just picked up yesterdays mail... my body aches all over from standing over 7hrs the past 2 days... working for the holidays at a retail store :):):)
Ok note I have a new blog address ... long story will share later... & name(your artist trading card to me very suggestive, thank you***smiles***)
Hope all is well with you & your family ~
xoxo, Dionne
p.s. ohhhh i love gingerbread men!!!