Monday, August 6, 2007

The Great crowning and my addiction grows

Ahh my blogging friends how my swap addiction grows,
I tell you its far worse than my ebay one and far more expensive than my scrapping one as it combines all of that and more.Australia really is downunder when it comes to posting stuff to the rest of the world.I have really had so much fun witn this swapping,i am like a kid at Christmas hell i am a kid at christmas what can i say.
Today i finally got to crown my tiara partner from Holly Doodles Tiara swap.Shannon a good friend i first met on yahoo prettychic and got matched with by accident to make a tiara.I enjoyed it very much and the glittering was out of hand below a few posts is my creation for her along with a Tiara hatbox warning that the contents may Dazzle and sunglasses should as a precaution be warned.Here in all its pinkness is my Queen of hearts Tiara as made by Shannon a vision in pink .vintage tag roses and lace and pearls what more could a girl ask.I will blog tomorrow the lovely heart shaped wall hanging she gave me too.As well as that her wording on the tag was so lovely to Julles the Queen of hearts cause you have the kindest heart I know .Oh Shannon shucks (she blushes)To all of you peasants out there you may call me her Royalness if you like.


Peta said...

Lovely crown by Shannon!

Daisy said...

Ohhh J, I do love that crown... and it's so you...Pink, Roses and Glitter, what more can a girl want, you are lucky.
I hope that you wear it to do the house work, 'cos no job could be a chore if you'r wearing your own special crown!!I love it. Well done to Shannon for gettin it so riht for you.
Thank you also for the award darling... Ill blog again tomorrow and pass some "Nice" on.
Daisy xxx

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi your Royalness! LOL! You are a gem Jullie. In fact so much so that maybe your name should be JEWEL! Shannon did a beautiful tiara for you!

Laurie said...

I agree with Barbara. Shannon did a beautiful job and Julie no one is more deserving than you!!! I am so glad I found my way into your world!



Pardon-Mwa Your Royalness, but does one have a moment to sign up for ones Royal Cotton N Candy Swap??
Get ya backside over to my Blog and sign up YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO, NEED TO, HAVE TO !!


Dear me, Your Royalness, you dooo have a problem. And my daughter is feeding it. Shame on her.
Love Sam's crown, Jules, he had it on the instant I walked in their door this morning (Nanny's little Prince). Bless you.
Hugs, Coll :-}