Thursday, August 9, 2007

My cat loves Peas

Not only loves them but is addicted to them
I was emailing Daisy the other day and i had to write
have to go the cats driving me mad Neil must have forgot her peas
after tea and she is my bitch girl emmilou not my sweetie pie Avalon
so my life was pretty much in danger.
We probably own the only cat in the whole of Australia
who goes through a kilo bag of frozen peas a week
every night after tea she must have one cup of peas defrosted in hot water enough to burn your hand
she goes at them like a starving waif
she waits impatiently as you defrost them in her very own pea jug
she hangs over the jug waiting
and there is no forgetting
or she drives you batty
she comes and taps you on the arm or leg 2 taps hard like slaps to let you know
No joke i have sifted through frozen stir fry mix to get her peas when desperate
in an emergency she will accept broccoli or beans but peas are her food of choice
and she has to be made eat her tea or most first like a kid getting icecream
she would rather peas than chicken,now i ask you is that normal cat behaviour .
In our house lets face it , there is no normal !



ok now my Georgie loves his peas too but not to that extent.....Georgie also loves milo, he knows the tin, i swear he hears it open and he appears by your side to be your best buddy!

I love your Emmilou the pea eating pussycatt :)
Hug her for me, oh no wait you cant, she hates you !

ha ha

xxoo Shann :)

Peta said...

That IS weird! Tom is psycho for Tuna, he will go raving loony if he doesn't get it at least once a day.

Cheryl said...

Wow! We have a kitty friend who likes pumpkin. But I have never heard of a cat liking peas! How funny is that??? :) hugs, cheryl :)

Sentimental Roses said...

Awww that is so sweet! My kitty use to love eating peas as well as corn. She also loved lemon squares which is rare for a cat to eat lemon anything! Aren't pets the greatest!!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

This is so funny! And by the looks of some of the other comments posted here, there are lots of cats eating peculiar things! LOL!

Lori said...

Alright I love it! A pea eatting cat! Especially a cute one like mine! And I thought min was strange cause she likes minature marshmellows! mine will sit and guard the stove when I make chicken or turkey and when she wants a kitty treat she stands by the fridge! well they are on top but instead of meow, she honestly says now, now, now! Gotta love our kitties! LOL Lori

Sue said...

That is so strange, yet cute at the same time!! I have the best email for you ,I will send it...You think your cat slaps you, wait till you see this!

Daisy said...

Darling Girl, only you could have a "Pea Lover" feline. Kit-e0kat just would'nt fit the bill!! xxx

Laurie said...

That is so funny! I am so allergic to cats but I still
think they are soooo sweet!


valerie said...

very cool cat

Deanna said...

Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. It's been heck trying to figure all this blog stuff out. I'm a dunce on the computer!

I think My Cat Loves Peas would be a splendid title for a childrens book. Cats are just wonderful little critters. Lot's of personality.

Cheryl said...

Your kitty looks like my kitty Charlie... but my kitty likes corn on the cob~

Gigi and Big Red said...

Wow! Too cute! My cat loves sauteed onions- but I found out from the vet- they're really bad for cats and dogs! No more for Priss or Tanzy!

Daisy said...

Hey kindred spirit, think that it is my mail machine playing silly's, but an empty box keeps appearing. You O.K? Do mine get through?

Evas Art said...

Thankyou Jullie for your help in the blogging world.I love to see your pictures and read your stories. Em looks so gentle but beware!!!She is truly an admired feline. No-one messes with her but if you belong to her, then one more loving is hard to find.
luv Eva

Maria said...

Hey Jules, i love your kitty he looks like my Max. Although Max wont touch I will be starting your tags soon. Talk to ya later.

Miles Away In France said...

Hi I found you whilst blog hopping I've lost track of how I found you.

Your cat is brilliant, I loved reading about her pea obsession.

Racheal x