Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hop Hop Jingleboos Bunny swap

This is way way behind so a belated thanks again to heather my Hop Hop Jingleboo bunny partner.A while ago
Something quite wonderful arrived on my doorstep first thing in the morning
my bunny swap parcel arrived from America
wow my partner HEATHER she is just amazing
all tissued and ribboned and tagged
and so so wonderful
the tags for a start have feathers and birds and on a bunny etc on them
the bunny is a ceramic one she dressed herself in red white and blue
there were two American flags
a flag bandanna
bunny socks
a birdhouse tiny on a stand red white and blue of course
tiny feather birds
a tiny hanging bunny
and two American mags
country living and Mary Engelbreits home companion on my want list for an age
and a victorian postcard with a bluebird on it
and and scrapping stuff American and bunny stickers and stars and cut outs
what a woman
it was all the stuff id choose myself
i cant get over how lovely it was of her.

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