Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Daisy's parcel full of friendship arrives

I got my parcel from Daisy in England A totally fabulous Kindred spirit
and now bosom friend (to quote Anne of green gables and heaven knows i have enough bosom to have many friends)
it was the best ever
i love everything every single thing
especially the matchbox drawers (well it was a matchbox swap i met her in thanks Natasha) she made 4 drawers with a birdhouse on top
i started to cry when i read make me (one drawer contains a bear cut out of felt to make
and another angel kisses and fairy dust (tiny glass bottles of glitters and little stars on sheer material)
love the tin heart i do i do
and a wooden bunny that had me going oh oh oh
a tiny shoe soo me
and the lavender
customs opened it and quarantine checked it and i got lavender- from her garden
guest soaps and a little box of handmade chocolate which turned out to be a delicious something called violet creams with really truly crystalised violets on top
what treats what treasures
a little vintage doll i love her so
she reminds me of a Milly Molly Mandy in her dress
the card was so sweet and the tag both with milly molly mandy on them (from our childhood favourite books) who she says im like but really im more like little miss pepperpot
i have probably forgotten something but i love it all
the teeny tiny horse is sooo absolutely special and the frog and the mice
all belonging to fairytales and fitting in a matchbox drawer
and tiny red ballet shoes did i tell you that red shoes was my favourite fairytale when i was young
i obviously told her and the drawers are soo sweet
and the birdhouse on top oh and the scrapping stamp set with the funny de tampon name
oh and i forgot the ice cream cone full of bubbles wow i laughed at that one and i will use it too
it was too too much and just enough and more than enough all at once
it was everything i love from my blog and my life
birds and hearts and bunnys and vintage toys and fairydust and fairytales and craft
and though some may say (and they do quite often) i am a weird little person Daisy soo gets me I love her to bits.Thankyou Daisy for being you.

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Julie Marie said...

It really gave me a start to see a post about a package from DAISY IN ENGLAND. I was a fan of blogger Daisy Lupin from England so that spooked me a bit.