Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 years without my Dad

Its a hard week for us September 1st being the day my father died 2 years ago and sept 2nd being fathers day so I made this as i cant make him a card anymore or buy him stupid black socks or hateful slippers anymore either.Made this cause the fight with cancer is still so fresh in my mind that the siren of an ambulance still hurts me.
Made this cause what else can you do,people are born and so they die thats it thats life and although we may not like it we have to accept it.
Still i miss that hello love,miss him calling me Jen (my sisters name)by mistake.
Miss him being there to fix things,my dad was the best fixer upper ever,if it was broken the usually he could fix it or at least modify it.He was a gentleman in an age where they seem scarce,he left school in 6th grade as the family needed his wage,he worked as a tea boy in a logging camp,worked hard walked far and had adventures.Like cutting across the Metho camp (where the men used to drink methylated spirits and be crazy) as a shortcut home.He had tales by the score and they are all in my head and in my heart.He worked is way up in 3M to become 30 years later an industrial chemist.He could memorize formulas and make up new products etc I was so proud of him.
Except of course when i told him it wasnt the done thing to wear the same suit to your daughters second wedding as you wore 20 something years before at her first (and it wasnt real nice back then).So we hired him a suit thats him in it below and he was so proud of himself that day it makes me smile to remember it.Happy fathers day Dad !

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Cherub*Kisses said...

What beautiful memories you have of your Dad!! I know he is smiling down on you & yours and beaming with pride from the Heavens above!!
Hugs, Dionne

Joyce said...

aww jullie im sure hes still watching you, what a wonderful tribute


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a loving tribute to your special Dad.......
Mine has been gone 13 years now..... I miss him everyday. Like yours, he could fix anything and often did!
Wishing you gentle days as you remember your sweet dad.

Daisy said...

Hugs and xxx's darling girl. That is such a wonderful "memory blog" I'm sure that your Dad would have somthing to say about it....keep listening.x

Lori said...

Jules, Ah sweetheart I lost my daddy 10 years ago and Mom two. There are so many days i feel alone, even feel scared at 47 cause the protection of my parents from the mean old world is no longer so. I so miss my Dad, he to was the handy man and the one who would make things right and always brag about any little thing I did! My heart goes out to you. On Mach 2 of this year I wrote about my Dad on his bitrhday and came to some realizations as I wrote that post that I never realized till that day. take care and loved your so sad birthday story! I had several but am trying to be up-beat at turning 48 and am not talking about them now, one day maybe! Love, Lori

Laurie said...

I'm all teared up! I'm so sorry you lost your Dad. You have your beautiful memories of your sweet Dad.


micat said...

speachless that is really beautiful and touching... big hugs from me...

Julie Marie said...


I found your blog through a post you made on my friend Robyn's blog. What an awesome tribute to your father. He must have been quite the man.

I have been looking through some of your other posts too - enjoyed them all except the photo of the snake! I was amused by your cat who eats peas. That is unusual. When I was growing up we had a cat who loved potato chips. She would come running when she heard the bag rustling. Our own dear late Dusty would go into crying, yowling mode when we opened a can of salmon. It isn't unusual for cats to love salmon, but her extreme reaction was, I think!

From another Julie (albeit a different spelling). I am also called Jules, Jul, Jewel, Julius, etc.)

Julie Fredericksen
Bismarck, ND

Evas Art said...

dear jullie
i wasn't blessed with beautiful memories of my father like you, but if i could dream of one so dear, then could i borrow your memories just once a year on fathers day?
love from eva