Sunday, July 1, 2007

Always missin them Boys

I mean just look at them,Dont they just look like they were up to something
every minute of their waking day.How cute was my Alex and blonde,that was his little Rabbit comfy blankie he was holding,hell or heaven was that rabbit,the times we scoured the house for him desperately,the trial to wash and dry him and have him back before he was missed.
Wouldnt think you could miss all that washing and all them trips to the emergency to get stitched up and put back together.The fighting and the handmarks on the wall.
Know what but ,you do !


The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Jullie,
Just visiting your lovely blog, great family and what a stunning place you live in. Thanks for your kind comment left on my very new blog. Will call again.

Cherub*Kisses said...

Ahhh Sweetest pictures!! Love these :o)
& you too!! Thanks so much for my card... beautiful!!
The absolute sweetest thing anyone has done for me in a long long time!!
More tears... LoL!!
Have a wonderfully blessed day Aussie Soul Sister!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Jullie, what beautiful boys you have! They are just precious. I am so excited to meet someon with lots of boys too!! Oh I love my boys and cherish every moment as well. My youngest (Gibson, he is 2.5 years old), has a striped blanket that he has lovingly named "EAT" because he sucks on it. He frantically runs around the house daily screaming, "where Eat go momma, cant find Eat". Oh is he ever sweet with his Eat! And when I GET to wash it (which isnt often enough), he lays in front of the laundry door and cries.

Your boys are handsome, I really enjoyed the pictures and reading your blog! Thank you for visiting Bunny Rose Cottage :)


Peta said...

You haven't blogged for a while Jullie! I am glad I am not the only one LOL!
Very cute boys, wasn't Alex angelic looking when he was little!