Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of men and the hunt (for bargains)


My husband wants to know why me (the non walker) can walk miles when hunting bargains.The same reason i told him why in the middle
of summer when he and my son collapse in the shade i can still continue
the hunt.Well i tell him these things would stop a lesser woman,but when I
suspect a SHABBY VINTAGE bargain may be mine for the finding i am unstoppable.
I think its a women gene that men seldom are given,they know what they need
(and its not shabby or vintage )they know which store its in and they go get it
and return like a dog with a ball. Us women on the other hand don't always know
what we need till we see it and then its pretty well clear.That's where the men
get confused "what are you going to use it for ?" they may ask
or worse "do you really need it?"Of course we bloody need it,an old jug just perfect for some flowers, lace gloves ,an old book.-For a long while there while training
my man he thought if it was chipped or crazed I'd love it.Pleased to say i have
trained him better now but he is still a man,so i have to just forgive him and
move on with the hunt.Today we went to the Blacktown Markets,a slight drizzle
of rain fell but my eyes were on the tables.The photo is my finds or needs today
a dish rack to display plates $2 Japanese cup $1 green patterned jug $2 made in japan
two candlesticks (painted brass) $2 cane rocking chair for a teddy $2 and my last bargain a ceramic rose motif towel ring and soap dish $1 the set wow. My man found
nothing my son a toy.There were heaps of things i needed but they were too expensive.
Stall holders seem to want nothing or antique shop prices no inbetween Ah i was exhausted but the thrill of the hunt was a wonderful thing.



AHHHHHHHH The thrill of a wonderful bargain!!! Men just dont get it.....
Well done on the treasures!
You gona paint that little chair white??????? LOL


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

sounds like you had loads of fun and found a few goodies to bring home! i'm like that with walking, don't much like it, but can walk for hours if there is reason (hunting for shabby vintage treasures) lol! you described men very well - you're right, i think we get a gene that they don't - lol! thanks for the sweet comments on my blog =) debbie

Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi :)) You know you have me tears this morning... thank you sooo much for visiting me & your sweet beautiful comments!! God bless you & your family ... I'm should be getting ready for church in just a few but I'm definitely coming back to visit & sit a spell... your blog looks great!
Have a wonderfully blessed day! Dionne

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Very enjoyable post -- I especially liked the comment about how men shop "they go get it and return like a dog with a ball".

Peta said...

Love the pink background!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Yes!! It's true, I am a "non~walker" and "non~early~get~upper" too, but on fleamarket day, I am ready to run at 5:30, get there and race through the stalls, leaving my poor husband alone with the cart in the dust!

Lovely treasures, and YES you always NEED it!! :) Thanks for visiting my blog, I have truly enjoyed my visit here reading yours. Lidy

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

LOL! SOOO Funny and SOOO true of us women! I am not an early bird or a walker either...but look out when I am on a mission! And yes, we don't always know what we NEED until we see it! lol!



Wow, you really did get some gorgeous treasures. Blacktown markets can be a real treasure trove and yes, they either want very little or a lot. I must be managing to get my man trained, he rarely says "what are you gonna do with that" anymore - lol.
Hugz, Coll :-}

Cherub*Kisses said...

I love the banners you have made for Coll & Shannon... so very pretty!! Have a sweet day! Dionne