Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I have been tagged

This morning I got an email.....
My Cherry Heart (Dolly) tagged me for some Weird FUN!!!
>>> I've been tagged - 7 WEIRD Facts about ME <<< >1) Umm I love to give little surprises ,to everybody I just love to brighten someones day. Why not but it makes some people suspicious of me (go figure) I think they are asking why?
2) Ok big on the weird is TREES there are two trees around the corner i see everyday
and it never ceases to annoy me that these trees are all nicely shaped then right at the top
their are odd sticky out bits.It annoys me i want to hire a cherry picker and cut them.
3)I cry a lot,at everything.The news ,memories,somebody does something nice to me,
sometimes just cause im happy.
4)ok i have like small panic attacks have had them since i was about 5 i usually try to hide them
its not like butterflies its like a hand twisted your guts inside out for a minute.I have to pant and breath through them Nice hey and when im driving its not good.Just fleeting i can get em talking to new people driving someplace new.Or even watching a movie and the camera skims accross the water.So some are like nervous things but others more like a motion thing
5)I collect weird stuff like vintage Childrens birthday party stuff,Dices
spinning tops,miniature card games and sideglancing tiny indian dolls (that really creep shannon out)
6) I am always doing weird stuff like sticking pictures to the bedroom floor or coming up with
strange ideas.I will force stuff into what i want and often i will break it after my DH tells me its not meant for that you will break it.
7) i do my best creative stuff in the middle of the night

1 comment: said...

I love reading all these 'weird lists'.

I sure understand #6, don't you hate it when the husband is right???